Wednesday, February 23, 2011

busy bee

Dari pagi tadi busy je..mockfile product, then off to free lunch in conjuction of CNY followed by a kick-off meeting by big boss then my 1-1 session with my boss now je baru duduk diam. As mentioned this week macam busy sikit tapi fikir balik apa yang I busykan sangat sebenarnya ni, I'm not too sure myself ;) 

Hubby cakap color yang we all nak tak dapat..if nak kena tunggu lama..2 months tuh pon belum tentu dapat. Sedih :(:( Takkan nak tunggu lama sangat kan so we decided to settle with our 2nd option. Paling cepat this weekend boleh dapat. I'm so excited! Tak dapat color pilihan pon takpe la, janji dapat car tuh and plate num adalah pilihan sendiri :) tuh pon kena check with one of my bestfriends, takut tersama. Ok peeps, it's almost 5 now. Time to leave..nak gi pasar malam. Take care!

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