Friday, February 11, 2011

bukan selalu busy macam ni

It's 4:21 PM and too bad sekarang baru dapat nak surf, blog hopping and all. Tiba-tiba macam busy tak ingat. After breakfast this morning, I had to check 400 pages plus of update clearing today. Then baru ingat semalam tak sempat nak submit weekly report (for the first time semalam in months I balik almost 6pm sebab meeting drag) then pagi ni jugak baru nak buat report. Entry yang publish this morning was an auto-publish, sila harap maklum :) Done with the report lunch time pulak. Balik from lunch ada another deadline to catch which is the nomination for last month's WOF. Cari idea gaks la nak karang apa for the nominee. Sambil buat sambil conference chat with my fellow TLs and boss..gossip session, work matters..I duk sini tergelak sorang². Funny la mereka ini and seriously bersyukur sangat dapat colleagues yang sporting. Submitted the nomination then turun solat pulak. Tea time at 4pm and time ni la baru relax sikit. Selalu macam tuh kan..the last day nak cuti tuh la selalu hari paling busy. Yes, I cuti this Monday..bukan nak celebrate V-day or what..let me recall this entry ;) InsyaAllah if all goes well, will overnight kat tempat lain. Mika, duduk baik² with Tok Mi and Tok Bah okay..Tuesday cuti..I like. Long weekend :) Have a good weekend everyone!

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