Wednesday, February 9, 2011

battery kong

My car buat hal lagi pagi ni. Nak start je bunyi pelik. Must be the battery. Nasib la kat Subang, I can just hop in in other car. Thank God too sebab I was the first to leave the house so my dad and bro were still around to help.  My sis asked me to take her car..okay no prob and thanks! Time nak leave the house, the alarm went off pulak and tak boleh nak off. I suspect my central lock ada problem. They had to pushed my car manually sebab its parked behind Abah's. Kesian mereka terpaksa ber-exercise pagi-pagi and I feel bad sebab tak boleh tolong. Dah lambat nak pergi kerja, dah la I kena drop Mika at bbsitter dulu. My mom said they will take care of that. Abah made a call to his mechanic friend and he came by to replace the battery but the central lock thingy still needs to be fixed. Will ask hubby to send it for repair if he's free tomorrow. I love my family. Without them, I am nothing! THANK YOU!!

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