Thursday, January 20, 2011

working on a public hoo

It's Thursday and a public holiday for everyone except for my company! Ni la disadvantage kalau kerja MNC ni. Though my company follow Msia's public holiday but ada la 1-2 hari we all tak observe. Luckily hubby is around to take care of Mika or to be exact, SEND Mika to Subang. Bbsitter of course la cuti jugak kan. Hubby will be flying off tomorrow morning and will be away for 2.5 weeks. I'm not worried if he's not around just that, I macam malas nak pindah². If can, I nak duduk my own house and maybe get my bro or sister teman overnight ke. Lagipon senang nak hantar Mika every morning. Budak ni lain macam sikit kalau gerak from Subang. Mula la nak tunjuk tantrum semua. So next week ingat nak hantar Mika 3 days je than the other 2 days duduk Subang..the other week dah CNY week mmg 2 hari cuti dah, so okay la. Then lagi satu minggu tuh hubby balik dah on Wednesday. I'm thinking of applying should be alright. Wish me luck nak jaga Mika sorang² ni. Technically bukan la alone, my family is here to help cuma macam I cakap tadi, I plan nak duduk PH. Hope Mika pon behave well and everything is fine, InsyaAllah. Thursday is a report day. Before I type this post ni pon, I dah promise myself to at least siapkan 1 report. Ala..2 report je pon :) So the main one dah siap..tinggal weekly report je. That one easy peasy, lepas lunch boleh buat. Not to mention, hari ni ada meeting pulak..scheduled for 2 hrs but I've told my boss that I need to leave at 5 sharp, dia tak kisah and told me that dia pon tak nak drag lama² :) I got plans this evening. Till then..

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