Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TB season 6!

Believe it or not..as much as I hate to admit..I love watching The Bachelorette Season 6! To me dia macam kelakar pon ada sebab si Ali ni dating with all guys pastuh nak intimate semacam. Reality series macam ni of course la tak real kan..full of drama. I wonder how much they are being paid to make it work..tapi kalau la real I rasa Ali paling sesuai with Frank. Macam ada chemistry, si Frank ni pulak ala2 good looking and I think dia macam a sensitive guy with a gentle heart (cheh..act je ni semua kan?). Even that guy bertahan sampai final 3 but they put a twist to it..I sebenarnya google je coz I wanna know the winner. Sadly it was not him, but...errr, don't want to be a spoiler la in case ada orang yang follow..ke I sorang je suka tengok cerita mengarut ni..biasa la..my kind of way to chill.

Ok it's starting in 5 mins, in the mean time..this is how Mika chill..suka sangat berendam dan main air.

mack mack and mika
eeee..tak malu
happy nye kamu :)

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