Friday, January 28, 2011

the return of AI 10 :)

Yes! American Idol is back. All time favourite show :) Started watching AI since 2004 and have been addicted to it since then. The best seasons for me were season 5 (all out for Chris Daughtry), 7 (David Cook won!), 8 (all out for Adam Lambert) and season 9 (Lee DeWyze won!). Can see the similarity there? Go fiugre ;)

Last night I watched this guy auditioning for AI 10 and I cried :( Tengok 2 kali pon nangis..depan Mika lagi. Sure Mika ingat mommy dia ni ntah pape. Sedih nye story dia and rasa this season macam ni yang paling touching so far..ermm..2nd one. There's another one..the 2nd clip. Owh sedih bila tengok balik. Ke I je terlebih emo sebab ketiadaan hubby di sisi? Cheh :P Honestly, I'm not the type yang suka nangis² ni, except if it's too sad/touching lar. Other than that, hati macam keras jugak. Must be the hormone :)

Otw to work this morning pon, deejays were talking about this and I macam salute habis dengan this guy. He has the heart and the voice despite what has happened to his fiance, he still remains by her side. Those yang termiss this part, do check out the clip below. That reminds me that life is short, you need to cherish all the moment before its too late. Anything could happen. One minute you are doing fine and it could be the other way round the next minute. Okay cukup let's watch

Tak leh embed the 2nd clip, click here to watch it. As a mom, I feel her. I guess J.Lo must have felt the same too :(

p/s: on the other note, J.Lo sangat cantik!!! Love watching her ;)


nazira aziz said...

sedih kottttttttt yang tunang ni kan sob sob!
yang anak tu yang manaaa
harini punya ada duet tu best gila!!

raF|za said...

tuh la..macam lelaki ni setia je. hopefully kot2 dia dah famous nanti, dia still take care of gf dia la..huhuh. hari ni nye tak tengok..mika ajak tido pulak :P