Friday, January 14, 2011

mommy's boy: pros & cons

Pros & Cons if your child is Mommy’s Boy (in this case, Mika is..). Can be Mommy's Girl too for other moms :)

  • If orang lain nak amik dia and he is not in a good mood, he will say “Nak mommy..” which is GOOD
  • If he cries, mesti nak mommy pujuk
  • If kena letak dalam bilik gelap (tak la gelap mana pon) but macam nak ajar dia la if naughty duduk dalam bilik gelap..dia tak nak orang lain bukak pintu..nak mommy jer
  • If apa² nak mommy je, mommy main dengan mika, mommy mandi kan, mommy suapkan
  • Nak sleep pon nak mommy sleepkan
  • He behaves well when mommy is around sebab mommy knows his boy so well. Eg: (if pagi² nak pergi kerja and I'm alone with him, routine selalu --> he wakes at at about 6.30AM -> layan Barney -> mommy takes her bath -> at 7AM tukar his diaper and clothes -> mommy get ready to work while Mika layan Jim Jam & Sunny (serious tak faham apa best sangat cerita giant puppet ni) -> 7.30AM turun bawah and bagi dia vitamin sambil layan Mr Bean/High-5 plus light snack (honeystars, baby bites, biscuits etc) ->7.45PM off to work/day care..easy peasy (it doesn't work when his daddy is around..nak tengok Thomas la nak ni la, nak tuh la..and daddy dia pon sometimes memang saja attract attention with his phone or pc dan dia tak dapat tuh nangis la kan..grrrr)

  • Back to 1st point above, I mesti la boleh comfort anak sendiri but sometimes macam nak nangis gaks bila dia nangis. Dah pulak you are really in a bad mood and things does not work the right away resulting an ANGRY-mommy-biar-anak-menangis-sebab-malas-nak-pujuk. At time like this, sokongan family member sangat penting yer. Daddy especially have to take note. Ada one day, I emo sebab Mika meragam je..then I terus keluar rumah balik PH and left him with my parents. Hubby was at work time tuh. That's why I support sangat penting and Alhamdulillah, they are always there for me
  • When your child dah tak nak kat orang lain except you, by hook or by crook, kena layan la kan. Tired, lazy semua kena tolak tepi..bila anak dah tidur, baru la cam rasa penat dan kadang² tuh tertidur sekali so kerja rumah lain tak boleh nak buat dah. If ada helper or hubby yang helpful no problem my depends on luck :P Husband out there, jangan la lepas tangan. Sila fahami isteri anda
  • Bila Mika asyik nak mommy, daddy boleh goyang kaki sesuka hati = more time for himself..NOT GOOD ni

Apa² pon, MOMMY is still a MOMMY. Sometimes memang penat dan fikir camne nak relax ni, asyik² kena ajak main, asyik² kena buat itu dan ini..but a friend once told me that time ni la dia nak mommy dia. Dah besar nanti sure dia dah start segan² bila nak kiss dia depan orang ramai or hantar dia pergi school or call setiap masa (sampai dia rimas sebab orang cakap dia mommy’s boy ke). I better appreciate this moment to all the mommies out there, if you are in the same boat as me..CHERISH this moment please. Another thing that I I found it sweet was Mika tengah tidur malam tadi and he realised I was not beside he called out for Daddy but Mommy..sedikit proud di situ. He’s my boy and will always be.

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