Sunday, January 16, 2011

mika's mini library

A dear friend of mine once asked me on how did I get Mika to like books. She noticed that Mika has interest in books guess from reading this entry and this one. I received this valuable tip from another friend of mine way before Mika was born. She told me to start this hobby early. Reading has always been my passion. If possible, I would like Mika to have the same passion too. For me, I started young with Peter & Jane series. This P&J has 12 sets of 3 books in all (A, B and exercise book C). When I was small, I was asked to read it out load each and every word and did the exercises in part C. I believe most of us are familiar with this P&J series, no? Mika received his first P&J (No. 1) on his 1st birthday from aunt Ellie and both hubby and I try to read it out to him as often as we could.

TAPI..we can only give Mika our support. If he likes it then ok lah but if tak suka, no worries least not yet ;) Alhamdulillah, so far he is showing positive feedback. As parents, kena rajin bacakan books for them (hubby ikut mood sebab dia macam kurang sikit baca² ni :P). For starter, we read to him nursery rhymes (4 books in 1 set – a gift from Tok Mi). Then slowly introduced him to Elmo, flash cards, soft books, touch and feel books etc. Those children books sangat comel, rasa nak beli semua. Routine I dari dia kecik sampai sekarang is to read him a story book every night before sleep. Bukan nak tiru those mat salleh ke apa but I pon macam tuh dari kecik :D Ada la 3 stories books yang macam wajib baca. They are “Little Bub”, “I Love My Mommy” (this book bukan sebab nak suruh dia sayang mommy je yer..sweet book with nice picture in it) & alamak there’s one more, bought it at MPH..ada 4 sets..comel je buku dia. Recent addition is Thomas & Friends..5 mini books. Dah habis baca, sometimes dia saja je tak nak tutup lampu..have to reward him with a sticker then only baru dia nak tidur. Conlusion is, it's never too late nak suruh kids suka books. We just need to be creative and jangan paksa. InsyaAllah, they will soon have the passion in it. I hope Mika will continue to like reading sampai besar.

books dah bertambah..compared to the pic in one of entries I link kat atas
suruh smile..tutup mata pulak..his signature look :)
mika kecomotan..tak boleh duduk diam..berpeluh²

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