Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mesti ke pukul 5 pagi sayang?

Semalam berjaya tidur rumah. Bukan la 1st time sebenarnya, just that rasa lain sebab if hubby PM shift, he will still be around sampai 6.45pm and only be gone after that. Guess what..Mika woke me up at 5AM this morning :( Kalau bangun dia golek² dulu ok lagi ni tak..after finishing up a bottle of milk he FORCED me to read to him his nursery rhymes book. I memang dah hafal but he insisted I tengok gaks that book. Then told him that I nak tidur balik..dapat la jugak tidur for about an hour but not Mika. Among the things he did were, browsing thru the books and buat² baca, try nak tengok muka I sebab I cover dengan pillow, then panjat atas badan..grrr..dan tidak lupa buat business. Normal routine pagi, bangun tidur jer sure business. If daddy is around, that will be his task T____T Tapi silap I gaks, awal sangat I suruh dia tidur the night before. By 8.30pm dia dah off to lala land and also I left the table light on malam tadi. Tuh dia ingat dah pagi or maybe dia ingat dah malam and to read books before bedtime. Must remember not to leave the table light on tonight. Anyways, this morning I hantar Mika to bbsitter, dia sempat la menghabiskan 4 keping biscuit Jacobs weetameal otw. There’s one tin of assorted biscuits, tak bukak pon lagi..gave it to the bbsitter together with a tin of shortbread from Famous Amos. Biar la the kids makan, kat rumah jadi perhiasan je. Ok, off to lunch. Later

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