Tuesday, January 18, 2011

it's about time i guess

Mom just called in and told me that she needs to put some stuffs at my house. It is kind of official now that they are moving out from Subang to another place. You read it right..MOVING OUT. Actually they have started to look for a better property years ago (or was it only mom..hmhm) and mom found one in Shah Alam but Abah is not too keen of it as he has other plan in mind. He wanted else where ie Bangi. His idea was to purchase a land and build his own house. Don't get me wrong, Bangi is a great place but for us who have been Subang’s residents for 22 years, we just want to be in a place that we are comfortable with and able to continue our daily routine without having to adapt to drastic changes. They even thought of moving to PH/PA but the properties there are ridiculously expensive now with smaller built up. It will be an unwise move to pay for a higher amount and get a smaller house than our current one in return. Bangi is a no and so do Shah Alam, PH and PA. Remember, mom (my sis would not want to) is not planning to stay else where other than those places mentioned. That only leaves them with one option which is this place (to be revealed soon once everything is confirmed) and what good about this it is still in Subang and nearer to PH (in between PH and Subang to be exact) = shorter journey for ‘balik kampung’ :)

Our current house has been put up for sale last week and there is already a serious buyer for it now. The new house will only be completed next year hence they need to rent out a place and have decided to rent one in PH/PA. Advantage of this: If hubby and I decided to get a maid, we may not need to send Mika to bbsitter but to send both maid and Mika to my mom’s. After all, we might enroll Mika to a playschool soon. We will see how it goes later. Mom too has decided not to rent out her Shah Alam’s apartment starting April and will use that to store furniture/boxes..whatever that can fit in there.

Note: We may need to discard stuffs that we no longer need and I tell you there’s a LOT --> garage sale, no?

A set of garden chairs and table, pots of plants, flowers will be temporarily reallocated to my house which is great as I do not have any of it at the moment. Don’t mind if she wants me to have them for good too. Enough rambling and back to work now or should I call the day off? It's 4 mins to 5 anways. FYI, my 3pm meeting has been rescheduled. That explains time for this entry ;)


Adekniza said...

Sila buat garage sale. Garden chair/table sounds yummy.. hahaha..

raF|za said...

hehe..tuh la, banyak collector items. dgn teddy bear berbakul², books lagi :P