Sunday, January 30, 2011

i love my family

Saturday went well as planned. Now my house dah ada a set of garden chairs and table. Not really garden punya la, tapi boleh la nak duduk-duduk kat luar sekarang. Sent it to PH petang semalam. Malam pulak went to Parade with my cousin and tau je la Saturday night, pack semacam tapi luck was on our side. Dapat parking senang pulak :) Made a quick window shopping and almost nak beli something but as usual la..time nak beli tuh la takde size bla bla bla. Nevertheless, I still had a great time jalan/gossip/makan with dear cousin. Dulu selalu je we all keluar sama-sama but since dah ada Mika, jarang pulak keluar dah. Jumpa selalu but keluar tuh macam jarang sangat sangat. Everybody pon busy je nowadays. We should do it more often la dut, family understand family the best ;)

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