Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wah dah tahun baru! Macam kejap sangat. Baru je rasa 1 jan tahun lepas bawak mika pergi zoo. Tengok orang buat 2010 highlights buat i rasa nak buat but if only i got the time. Last thursday i kena buat highlights for my team, kalau la i boleh paste the same thing here but memang tak la kan. Team=work and i wouldnt want to bother u with that would i? I do have things to say but not now. Will backtrack the posts if time permits. 2010 is great. Career wise..i manage to achieve what i targeted for, alhamdulillah. Life never been better with the loved ones and i cherish every moment deeply. Hope for another great year filled with more love, happiness, wealth and success. Happy 2011 everyone!

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