Friday, January 21, 2011

au revoir my dear hubby

Hari ni macam hari biasa..this morning hubby keluar rumah pon time selalu dia pergi office if AM shift which is 6.45AM except that he’s not going the office but far far away jauh ke hujung dunia. Beza that place dengan Malaysia adalah satu hari time difference. Harap everything goes well either from his side or mine and hope for a safe journey for him. First time ni kena tinggal lama², dulu I yang tinggalkan dia but about a week je. So now its my turn pulak merasa kena tinggal. But I got my other baby with me, wish me luck to handle this 2yr old yang sungguh active-tak-boleh-duduk-diam ni. I hope boleh la bersabar dan be a good mommy and hope Mika tak rasa sangat his daddy is not around. I must say, Mika banyak spend time dengan I but kekadang tuh ada gaks dengan daddy dia, so hopefully dia tak perasan pon. Dah lama gaks I tak tidur Subang, so tonight and this weekend will definitely bermalam di situ :)

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