Monday, January 31, 2011

cuppies :)

These cuppies are so cute and yummy too! The baker is a friend of my sister and saja je nak promote here :)

i beli set of 16, my grandma pon beli one set ;)
simple and sweet
the left one..rainbow flavour and the one on the right is red velvet
icing dia tak manis macam manis tuh, just nice

For more details, do check out her blog.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

is it sunday already?

Today ada lah hari hujan. Dari pagi sampai la sekarang ni. I memang takde specific plan for today. Ingat nak lepak je, then my mom ajak pergi Parade together with grandma. Dia cakap bawak Mika jalan-jalan or if I tak nak pergi, dia ok je nak bawak Mika. I was like..biar betul..Mika with my mom and grandma je. Kang my grandma pergi mana, Mika pergi mana. So I macam okay la..pergi la..then my sister cakap she doesn't mind if I nak pergi Empire and since I dah pergi Parade yesterday, why not to Empire this time. So beramai-ramai la kami ke Empire ajak mom and grandma sekali and I brought this boy straight to Toys R Us. Dari mak kecik sampai la zaman anak, mesti nak gi sini. Dulu punya lagi best..lagi besar dan lagi banyak toys. Memang heaven betul for kids back then dan mesti ada je scene tak nak balik.

Wanted to find something macam microphone sebab dia suka nyanyi..but tak jumpa. In the end I bought him bubble toy tuh je sebab dia cam tak kisah pon as long as it looks good. Well not yet kot pandai mintak-mintak. After that lunch at Madam Kwan and headed home straight lepas tuh.

Mika took his 1 hr nap and bangun-bangun terus makan kuih cengkodok CEKODOK pisang (salah word la :P, thanks ellie dut) exclusively made by mom. Hujan, kuih dan nescafe..perfect combination for tea time..err..for me la :)

i love my family

Saturday went well as planned. Now my house dah ada a set of garden chairs and table. Not really garden punya la, tapi boleh la nak duduk-duduk kat luar sekarang. Sent it to PH petang semalam. Malam pulak went to Parade with my cousin and tau je la Saturday night, pack semacam tapi luck was on our side. Dapat parking senang pulak :) Made a quick window shopping and almost nak beli something but as usual la..time nak beli tuh la takde size bla bla bla. Nevertheless, I still had a great time jalan/gossip/makan with dear cousin. Dulu selalu je we all keluar sama-sama but since dah ada Mika, jarang pulak keluar dah. Jumpa selalu but keluar tuh macam jarang sangat sangat. Everybody pon busy je nowadays. We should do it more often la dut, family understand family the best ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

terima kasih

Yeay Abah yang baik hati telah tolong hantarkan fix kan my car tyre. I actually told my mom to ask my brother to help me send for repair but my brother bangun je dah pukul berapa. Bangun-bangun je, dia pergi attend wedding pulak. Soooo..thanks Abah! Jangan wat hal lagi good okay car at least sampai hubby balik.

Ok lar, nothing much to tell for now. Petang ni nak pergi outing sikit. My cousin might be joining us so it should be fun ;)

alamak..terbangun pulak

Terbangun pulak. It's half past midnight now. Tapi takpe as I am already at Subang :):) Terbangun pon still ada je yang lain belum tidur. Tengah layang AI tadi, Mika ajak tidur pulak. I siap macam plan nak teman je dia tidur, then nak bangun balik and makan something as I had quite an early dinner. What's for dinner? Ada sardin! Lama tak makan then ada sayur taugeh, gulai rebung (fav ni, but bukan my mom buat..beli) then ikan goreng and one more dish I tak usik sebab tak berapa suka, ikan masak lemak kuning. Reason berlemak2 hari ni..YM T.Habibah ada di rumah, grandma I ler :) Friday night is always a movie night but lama lagi nak movie night balik. Hubby, I miss you :( I dah online Skype and YM but still no response from him though his YM on je. Maybe dia busy kerja..yer la baru pukul 8 pagi kat sana.

I'm exploring this now. Basically because nak jadi busybody and know what people are up to. Dah lama sign up but berapa kali je sign in, sebab tak tahu nak guna. Looking at the speed that I am at now, macam blur je. Don't have specific list of people to follow but tahu-tahu I already got followers. I found something in this thing too. Told my colleague and hubby about it. Hubby gave me a cynical remark that sounded like this "Bf awak dulu ke.." Whatever la..what past is past.."owh mana ada bf!! kan awak bf saya dulu :P" What can I say is internet ni memang dangerous. You can find almost everything in here!

good night everyone!

p/s: dapat gak chatting with hubby. he is leaving for work dah :):)

Friday, January 28, 2011

the return of AI 10 :)

Yes! American Idol is back. All time favourite show :) Started watching AI since 2004 and have been addicted to it since then. The best seasons for me were season 5 (all out for Chris Daughtry), 7 (David Cook won!), 8 (all out for Adam Lambert) and season 9 (Lee DeWyze won!). Can see the similarity there? Go fiugre ;)

Last night I watched this guy auditioning for AI 10 and I cried :( Tengok 2 kali pon nangis..depan Mika lagi. Sure Mika ingat mommy dia ni ntah pape. Sedih nye story dia and rasa this season macam ni yang paling touching so far..ermm..2nd one. There's another one..the 2nd clip. Owh sedih bila tengok balik. Ke I je terlebih emo sebab ketiadaan hubby di sisi? Cheh :P Honestly, I'm not the type yang suka nangis² ni, except if it's too sad/touching lar. Other than that, hati macam keras jugak. Must be the hormone :)

Otw to work this morning pon, deejays were talking about this and I macam salute habis dengan this guy. He has the heart and the voice despite what has happened to his fiance, he still remains by her side. Those yang termiss this part, do check out the clip below. That reminds me that life is short, you need to cherish all the moment before its too late. Anything could happen. One minute you are doing fine and it could be the other way round the next minute. Okay cukup let's watch

Tak leh embed the 2nd clip, click here to watch it. As a mom, I feel her. I guess J.Lo must have felt the same too :(

p/s: on the other note, J.Lo sangat cantik!!! Love watching her ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

4 paras in 5 mins

It’s Thursday again. Feel like only yesterday I've blogged on Thursday. Got nothing much to tell at this early except that I have weekly report to complete but taking my own sweet time to do that. I have stuffs to approve too as it is last Thursday of the month. For this year, I have decided not to allocate any products to myself but to be team’s backup. It would be easier that way as I can manage and focus on my current role without having the need to juggle products, meetings & reports.

Come to think of it, I have done A LOT for the past 4.5 years as a PE and a senior. I must say that it is not easy to be where I am at now (was even thinking about leaving if I fail to get the post). Honestly I thought it would be impossible as I am not the outspoken type nor the first one to volunteer for anything but with full determination, faith and confidence finally resulting to success. Alhamdulillah.

It does feel a bit weird not to own any products and allocating them to sub-ordinates but that is what I am supposed to do now. Of course SOME people will definitely take it the wrong way. I'm stressing the word "some" as not everyone is in the same boat. They have this mind set of TL have nothing to do and waste their time on unnecessary meetings, lunch, blogging (ehem ehem..I am not always on blog, even if I do..I know that I have to complete my work before deadline) but do they really know a thing? I have been on the other side and I perfectly understand how people think. Therefore will try my best to stay positive and be as neutral as I could and hope that they will come to their senses in determining which is wrong or right. If I can make things better, I will try but if it is just a waste of time, why bother right?

Now tell me again why I am rambling this long? As per subject..4 paras in 5 mins. Sheesh..back to work please, later!

p/s: I do miss my PE work..sometimes ;)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

taman time

As mentioned in prev entry, berjaya membawa Mika ke taman + bicycle ride yesterday. Cuaca pon baik, tak panas dan tak hujan then orang pon tak ramai. I baru notice..kalau pic/video kat park or mana² la banyak hubby yang amik. Even if dia alone with Mika pon dia rajin nak amik..I cam malas..dok terkejar² pastu nak amik pic lagi but sebab hubby dah request, merajinkan diri gaks la. Mika excited main dengan kakak ni..about 5 yrs old. Dia main kejar².

Done with that, he wanted to eat cake. I ada beli a piece of moist choc cake from SR. The day before dah makan half, semalam habiskan. Suka sangat..Lepas tuh tolong mommy machine baju, kat bawah tuh gaks I bukak kan baju dia and then bathing time. He wanted to eat cornflakes pulak..isshh dah gosok gigi kan? Dia nak sangat takkan tak nak bagi makan kan. Ermmm..after Timmy time yang comel tuh, masuk bilik tidur and as always, read to him nursery rhymes and 2 story books. Dia gosok² mata and gave him a sticker meaning it’s bedtime more reading and this time..lights OFF! He managed to sleep soundly sampai 6.20AM (mommy too), asked for his milk and okay la..golek² with him for 10mins, my turn to wake up and get ready to work.

Amazingly dia macam excited nak pergi rumah bbsitter. Siap cakap nak pergi rumah Tok Mama then bila dah sampai at bbsitter’s lari² anak pulak ke arah Tok Mama tuh (Tok Mama ni mother to the bbsitter, memang dah jaga Mika sekali from baby.. even though now Tok Mama off and on je kat situ..Mika still panggil bbsitter’s house tuh rumah Tok Mama). To date Mika sangat behave..hope he will stay this way forever :)

 spiky hair
apa pulak termenung ni

guling lagi dan lagi

This video was taken right before Mika injured part ni. Sorry la pillow semua berterabur..that boy punya kerja. Milk habis dah tapi tak nak gaks tido

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bicycle ride

Bila hubby away, baru la dia nak appreciate blog I ni. Suruh I update selalu about anak bujang dia tuh. Eh selama ni memang update apa dan main content semestinya pasal Mika..dah ada anak kan..dia la EVERYTHING, literally..huhuhu..ok B, nak update ni. Petang ni kalau tak hujan nak bawak Mika pergi park. Pagi tadi dia tengok Barney then nampak orang naik basikal, nangis tak ingat cakap "Mommy, nak naik basikal.." ulang². Time tuh I mandi..sedih pulak dengar. So to comfort him, hug je then cakap "Okay, if tak hujan petang ni mommy bawak naik basikal. Don't cry dah..nanti keluar darah kat mata" Boleh pulak takut kan anak camtuh but it works :) I have about 8 more working days without hubby. Ingat nak amik cuti Friday or Monday. My car's rear tyre macam tak cukup angin je. Pam 2-3 hari then macam nampak tak cukup angin. Bocor? Could be. Hmmm..time hubby takde la dia buat hal. Ke I tunggu Saturday je, mintak tolong my brother hantarkan. Selalu perempuan kalau gi workshop sure kena tipu. Again, now ada meeting. See you when I see you

mesti ke pukul 5 pagi sayang?

Semalam berjaya tidur rumah. Bukan la 1st time sebenarnya, just that rasa lain sebab if hubby PM shift, he will still be around sampai 6.45pm and only be gone after that. Guess what..Mika woke me up at 5AM this morning :( Kalau bangun dia golek² dulu ok lagi ni tak..after finishing up a bottle of milk he FORCED me to read to him his nursery rhymes book. I memang dah hafal but he insisted I tengok gaks that book. Then told him that I nak tidur balik..dapat la jugak tidur for about an hour but not Mika. Among the things he did were, browsing thru the books and buat² baca, try nak tengok muka I sebab I cover dengan pillow, then panjat atas badan..grrr..dan tidak lupa buat business. Normal routine pagi, bangun tidur jer sure business. If daddy is around, that will be his task T____T Tapi silap I gaks, awal sangat I suruh dia tidur the night before. By 8.30pm dia dah off to lala land and also I left the table light on malam tadi. Tuh dia ingat dah pagi or maybe dia ingat dah malam and to read books before bedtime. Must remember not to leave the table light on tonight. Anyways, this morning I hantar Mika to bbsitter, dia sempat la menghabiskan 4 keping biscuit Jacobs weetameal otw. There’s one tin of assorted biscuits, tak bukak pon lagi..gave it to the bbsitter together with a tin of shortbread from Famous Amos. Biar la the kids makan, kat rumah jadi perhiasan je. Ok, off to lunch. Later

Monday, January 24, 2011

langgar sana langgar sini adalah hobi terbaru mika

What a weekend. As mentioned in prev post, Friday after work balik Subang. Sampai² je I dinner dulu, lauk favourite ayam masak kicap la apa lagi + labu masak lemak. Then mandikan Mika and I did not stay up that long that night, penat. By 9 I dah tidur and this time pinjam bilik my sister.


We have 2 missions to accomplish that day. That morning my cousin dropped by with his cute 8-month-old daughter. Layan mereka kejap then tinggalkan with my brother.

 mika trying to be a cool abang here
entertaining 2nd cousin..tapi baby ni takde respon pon..huhuh..adorable sungguh

By 11.30, we (my parents, sister, Mika and me) dah on the 1st mission. Before anything, belikan Mika nugget McD dulu. I must say that the 1st mission went very well, with good outcome too. Semua orang pon macam puas hati.

Then balik rumah and lunch and we were out again at 3pm for our 2nd mission but this time without Abah, as always la..Abah ada golf. Mom and sis sangat satisfied with what they see and guess that concludes the 2nd mission. Singgah my house jap for tea break, beli goreng pisang, keropok lekor and masa 2nd mission, Mika dah selamat tido in his car seat. Dah sampai rumah I angkat and letak dia atas sofa..tak sampai berapa minit dia jatuh tergolek..sofa seat tuh macam kasar sikit, so terscratch la muka dia kat situ.

Despite all that, a very productive Saturday :) Owh Daddy Mika called twice today, selamat dah sampai dan adjusting to the time and weather there. Time difference about 15 hours late and temperature around 9C - 11C during the day, 0C to -1C at night.


Sunday macam quiet sikit. I spent most of the time playing with Mika. Daddy called again in the morning. Time I tengah relax² dengan Mika, dia boleh pulak main panjat katil then BANNGGG..langgar besi kat katil pulak.This time kena kat dahi belah kanan. Eeeeeee…tak boleh duduk diam betul! Dah la that afternoon langsung tak nak tidur, main golek² je kerja dia. Lepas dah injured, dia bukannye insaf, continue main..about 3pm baru dia tidur, tuh pon tertidur sebab I dok ulang² nyanyi lagu nursery rhymes.

daddy, tengok your son ni..tak boleh duduk diam then langgar sana sini
but today macam dah ok. semalam je bengkak

Took the opportunity to wash my car dengan my sister. Kotor sangat, siap ada corak² kat hood depan tuh. Berapa lama dah tak basuh..dan lama betul tak hantar basuh kereta sendiri. Nasib ada adik yang rajin nak teman, thanks sis! That evening they all semua spring clean basement, banyak betul benda² lama some tuh macam memang patut kena buang, tak tahu kenapa masih simpan. Mom found her old poem book, her own creative idea zaman muda-mudi dulu. I will try and get one or 2 poems to be posted here. I used to have the same interest, suka tulis poem..berbunga² pulak tuh..and now I know where I inherit that from.

It was quite a good weekend as we managed to achieve 2 important goals (ala² KPI pulak). I guess it's the best for everyone. When the time is right, will spill it all out but not now..not yet kot unless there's a demand for it ;)

This morning pulak, I gerak from Subang, sent Mika to his bbsitter then off to work. Took me about 20mins if ikut USJ, no traffic jam but lots of traffic lights. Tonight maybe duduk PH, I miss my home, my tv, my 2 meetings later in the afternoon. Have a good day and week ahead everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

the longest friday

The longest Friday..not for me but for hubby. Dia depart at 9.30AM this morning then bila sampai nanti masih Friday but 2:42PM..macam rewind je. Now speaking of this lagi buat I bertambah realise..jauh nye distance! 2nd time dia pergi State..bila la pulak my turn. Pastu kalau pergi, macam tak best je tak bawak Mika kan. That day my mom pon ada suruh I ikut hubby, maybe on the 2nd week ke, but sigh..I don't have the heart la to leave my child behind. Now dah jadi mommy, tak kisah la tak dapat apa² pon, yang penting anak happy :) Going back now..have a good weekend everyone!

au revoir my dear hubby

Hari ni macam hari biasa..this morning hubby keluar rumah pon time selalu dia pergi office if AM shift which is 6.45AM except that he’s not going the office but far far away jauh ke hujung dunia. Beza that place dengan Malaysia adalah satu hari time difference. Harap everything goes well either from his side or mine and hope for a safe journey for him. First time ni kena tinggal lama², dulu I yang tinggalkan dia but about a week je. So now its my turn pulak merasa kena tinggal. But I got my other baby with me, wish me luck to handle this 2yr old yang sungguh active-tak-boleh-duduk-diam ni. I hope boleh la bersabar dan be a good mommy and hope Mika tak rasa sangat his daddy is not around. I must say, Mika banyak spend time dengan I but kekadang tuh ada gaks dengan daddy dia, so hopefully dia tak perasan pon. Dah lama gaks I tak tidur Subang, so tonight and this weekend will definitely bermalam di situ :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

cozy house, ampang park

An overdue post..dah ada dalam draft, lupa je nak publish!

Last weekend my family and I (without Abah) went to Cozy House, Ampang Park. Early dinner la gaks. Puas I suruh Mika tuh tidur before pergi, dia dok main² dan tak duduk diam je kerja nya. End up dia tidur dalam kereta, sampai dah tukar kereta pon masih tidur (park our car at mom's then ramai² naik kereta my mom). If pergi CH, wajib try Mee Hailam/Hainan dia. Sedap. Nasi goreng Hainan pon sedap. So that’s what I ordered for Mika and myself. Sorry, tak amik la pic makanan..lapar sangat.

"Hey you, don't play²"
muka garang..baru bangun tidur, masih blur ni

working on a public hoo

It's Thursday and a public holiday for everyone except for my company! Ni la disadvantage kalau kerja MNC ni. Though my company follow Msia's public holiday but ada la 1-2 hari we all tak observe. Luckily hubby is around to take care of Mika or to be exact, SEND Mika to Subang. Bbsitter of course la cuti jugak kan. Hubby will be flying off tomorrow morning and will be away for 2.5 weeks. I'm not worried if he's not around just that, I macam malas nak pindah². If can, I nak duduk my own house and maybe get my bro or sister teman overnight ke. Lagipon senang nak hantar Mika every morning. Budak ni lain macam sikit kalau gerak from Subang. Mula la nak tunjuk tantrum semua. So next week ingat nak hantar Mika 3 days je than the other 2 days duduk Subang..the other week dah CNY week mmg 2 hari cuti dah, so okay la. Then lagi satu minggu tuh hubby balik dah on Wednesday. I'm thinking of applying should be alright. Wish me luck nak jaga Mika sorang² ni. Technically bukan la alone, my family is here to help cuma macam I cakap tadi, I plan nak duduk PH. Hope Mika pon behave well and everything is fine, InsyaAllah. Thursday is a report day. Before I type this post ni pon, I dah promise myself to at least siapkan 1 report. Ala..2 report je pon :) So the main one dah siap..tinggal weekly report je. That one easy peasy, lepas lunch boleh buat. Not to mention, hari ni ada meeting pulak..scheduled for 2 hrs but I've told my boss that I need to leave at 5 sharp, dia tak kisah and told me that dia pon tak nak drag lama² :) I got plans this evening. Till then..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

wonders of internet

I found something on the net + FB. Not that important to note of but at least I know something now. If I can easily find things on the net, I'm sure anyone out there also can. My blog is quite personal (and boring too..pfft) and I blog mostly about my to day-to-day activities with my loved ones, work and also general matters. Guess when you have decided to create a public blog, you need to be ready to take any risk. It depends on you completely to control the amount of info to share with your readers. I may open this blog to invited readers only if I feel that I have gone overboard but then again, who reads this anyway :P Ok..talking with a growling tummy really doesn't help here. Will be a good girl now by heading straight to bed instead of looking for something to eat. Nite everyone!

it's about time i guess

Mom just called in and told me that she needs to put some stuffs at my house. It is kind of official now that they are moving out from Subang to another place. You read it right..MOVING OUT. Actually they have started to look for a better property years ago (or was it only mom..hmhm) and mom found one in Shah Alam but Abah is not too keen of it as he has other plan in mind. He wanted else where ie Bangi. His idea was to purchase a land and build his own house. Don't get me wrong, Bangi is a great place but for us who have been Subang’s residents for 22 years, we just want to be in a place that we are comfortable with and able to continue our daily routine without having to adapt to drastic changes. They even thought of moving to PH/PA but the properties there are ridiculously expensive now with smaller built up. It will be an unwise move to pay for a higher amount and get a smaller house than our current one in return. Bangi is a no and so do Shah Alam, PH and PA. Remember, mom (my sis would not want to) is not planning to stay else where other than those places mentioned. That only leaves them with one option which is this place (to be revealed soon once everything is confirmed) and what good about this it is still in Subang and nearer to PH (in between PH and Subang to be exact) = shorter journey for ‘balik kampung’ :)

Our current house has been put up for sale last week and there is already a serious buyer for it now. The new house will only be completed next year hence they need to rent out a place and have decided to rent one in PH/PA. Advantage of this: If hubby and I decided to get a maid, we may not need to send Mika to bbsitter but to send both maid and Mika to my mom’s. After all, we might enroll Mika to a playschool soon. We will see how it goes later. Mom too has decided not to rent out her Shah Alam’s apartment starting April and will use that to store furniture/boxes..whatever that can fit in there.

Note: We may need to discard stuffs that we no longer need and I tell you there’s a LOT --> garage sale, no?

A set of garden chairs and table, pots of plants, flowers will be temporarily reallocated to my house which is great as I do not have any of it at the moment. Don’t mind if she wants me to have them for good too. Enough rambling and back to work now or should I call the day off? It's 4 mins to 5 anways. FYI, my 3pm meeting has been rescheduled. That explains time for this entry ;)

busy day ahead

It's going to be a busy day today. After weeks without meeting and whatnot, it's starting back this week. I don't really like Tuesday because Tuesday is a meeting day. There will be meeting through lunch every Tuesday and though my boss mentioned it's okay to eat lunch during the meeting but would you eat if no one else is eating? So  it's either lunch before meeting or the other way round. Anyways, meeting could be a good thing too. You got the chance to work your brain out and give feedback or ideas when needed. If not, I would spend the entire day doing almost NOTHING which is not productive at all. First meeting will be in 5 mins, till then :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

mika's mini library

A dear friend of mine once asked me on how did I get Mika to like books. She noticed that Mika has interest in books guess from reading this entry and this one. I received this valuable tip from another friend of mine way before Mika was born. She told me to start this hobby early. Reading has always been my passion. If possible, I would like Mika to have the same passion too. For me, I started young with Peter & Jane series. This P&J has 12 sets of 3 books in all (A, B and exercise book C). When I was small, I was asked to read it out load each and every word and did the exercises in part C. I believe most of us are familiar with this P&J series, no? Mika received his first P&J (No. 1) on his 1st birthday from aunt Ellie and both hubby and I try to read it out to him as often as we could.

TAPI..we can only give Mika our support. If he likes it then ok lah but if tak suka, no worries least not yet ;) Alhamdulillah, so far he is showing positive feedback. As parents, kena rajin bacakan books for them (hubby ikut mood sebab dia macam kurang sikit baca² ni :P). For starter, we read to him nursery rhymes (4 books in 1 set – a gift from Tok Mi). Then slowly introduced him to Elmo, flash cards, soft books, touch and feel books etc. Those children books sangat comel, rasa nak beli semua. Routine I dari dia kecik sampai sekarang is to read him a story book every night before sleep. Bukan nak tiru those mat salleh ke apa but I pon macam tuh dari kecik :D Ada la 3 stories books yang macam wajib baca. They are “Little Bub”, “I Love My Mommy” (this book bukan sebab nak suruh dia sayang mommy je yer..sweet book with nice picture in it) & alamak there’s one more, bought it at MPH..ada 4 sets..comel je buku dia. Recent addition is Thomas & Friends..5 mini books. Dah habis baca, sometimes dia saja je tak nak tutup lampu..have to reward him with a sticker then only baru dia nak tidur. Conlusion is, it's never too late nak suruh kids suka books. We just need to be creative and jangan paksa. InsyaAllah, they will soon have the passion in it. I hope Mika will continue to like reading sampai besar.

books dah bertambah..compared to the pic in one of entries I link kat atas
suruh smile..tutup mata pulak..his signature look :)
mika kecomotan..tak boleh duduk diam..berpeluh²

Lazy sunday

Today is really a lazy day. Dari pagi tadi plan nak keluar but sampai skrg masih berada di rumah. Weather pulak mendung je. I ingat nak pegi subang with mika but my mom bz pulak. Had ikan patin masak lemak tempoyak for lunch. Macam la i hebat nak masak kan..tuh kawan hubby tahpaukan from temerloh lagi. I tak minat sangat lauk tuh, sikit2 je. Tiba2 teringat satu gulai ikan sungai atok johor masak. Sedap, makan bertambah2. Bila la leh mkn lagi. Ok since i dah terbaring atas katil ni, lepak je la kat rumah. Mika ada je sebelah i ni tengah guna my phone. Where's daddy? Tengah berkemas kot. Enjoy your sunday, bye!

mika watching vain anak bujang ku ini

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good morning!

Good morning! Dah bangun at 630am today thanks to my lil alarm clock. Today is laundry and maybe kemas rumah day. Tukar bedsheet, satu bakul penuh baju and lets hope the weather is on our side yea. Im thinking of nak basuh cover sofa ni sekali. What mika is up to now? Layan vcd baby animal with a bowl of cornflakes and hubby tengah wash toilet. Not bad eh at 7.40am semua pon macam productive. Might be going for a dinner too with my family today. See you. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

new look

I've changed my blog layout to look like this. Trying to be as simple as I could but knowing me who are so into colors..macam tak fun la tak colorful. Nvm, try this one first. Also I don't really know how change the codes manually, guna the existing one sudah. Although no plan yet so far, just cannot wait to go home

mommy's boy: pros & cons

Pros & Cons if your child is Mommy’s Boy (in this case, Mika is..). Can be Mommy's Girl too for other moms :)

  • If orang lain nak amik dia and he is not in a good mood, he will say “Nak mommy..” which is GOOD
  • If he cries, mesti nak mommy pujuk
  • If kena letak dalam bilik gelap (tak la gelap mana pon) but macam nak ajar dia la if naughty duduk dalam bilik gelap..dia tak nak orang lain bukak pintu..nak mommy jer
  • If apa² nak mommy je, mommy main dengan mika, mommy mandi kan, mommy suapkan
  • Nak sleep pon nak mommy sleepkan
  • He behaves well when mommy is around sebab mommy knows his boy so well. Eg: (if pagi² nak pergi kerja and I'm alone with him, routine selalu --> he wakes at at about 6.30AM -> layan Barney -> mommy takes her bath -> at 7AM tukar his diaper and clothes -> mommy get ready to work while Mika layan Jim Jam & Sunny (serious tak faham apa best sangat cerita giant puppet ni) -> 7.30AM turun bawah and bagi dia vitamin sambil layan Mr Bean/High-5 plus light snack (honeystars, baby bites, biscuits etc) ->7.45PM off to work/day care..easy peasy (it doesn't work when his daddy is around..nak tengok Thomas la nak ni la, nak tuh la..and daddy dia pon sometimes memang saja attract attention with his phone or pc dan dia tak dapat tuh nangis la kan..grrrr)

  • Back to 1st point above, I mesti la boleh comfort anak sendiri but sometimes macam nak nangis gaks bila dia nangis. Dah pulak you are really in a bad mood and things does not work the right away resulting an ANGRY-mommy-biar-anak-menangis-sebab-malas-nak-pujuk. At time like this, sokongan family member sangat penting yer. Daddy especially have to take note. Ada one day, I emo sebab Mika meragam je..then I terus keluar rumah balik PH and left him with my parents. Hubby was at work time tuh. That's why I support sangat penting and Alhamdulillah, they are always there for me
  • When your child dah tak nak kat orang lain except you, by hook or by crook, kena layan la kan. Tired, lazy semua kena tolak tepi..bila anak dah tidur, baru la cam rasa penat dan kadang² tuh tertidur sekali so kerja rumah lain tak boleh nak buat dah. If ada helper or hubby yang helpful no problem my depends on luck :P Husband out there, jangan la lepas tangan. Sila fahami isteri anda
  • Bila Mika asyik nak mommy, daddy boleh goyang kaki sesuka hati = more time for himself..NOT GOOD ni

Apa² pon, MOMMY is still a MOMMY. Sometimes memang penat dan fikir camne nak relax ni, asyik² kena ajak main, asyik² kena buat itu dan ini..but a friend once told me that time ni la dia nak mommy dia. Dah besar nanti sure dia dah start segan² bila nak kiss dia depan orang ramai or hantar dia pergi school or call setiap masa (sampai dia rimas sebab orang cakap dia mommy’s boy ke). I better appreciate this moment to all the mommies out there, if you are in the same boat as me..CHERISH this moment please. Another thing that I I found it sweet was Mika tengah tidur malam tadi and he realised I was not beside he called out for Daddy but Mommy..sedikit proud di situ. He’s my boy and will always be.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

bumbu bali [delicious]

Lupa pulak ada ni dalam my draft. On Xmas day recently, pergi early dinner (hubby had to work that night) with my family sebab nak celebrate Mika’s birthday. Abah patut join, tapi I rasa dia terlupa yang dinner adalah sedikit awal hari tuh..dia pergi pukul bola bersama rakan-rakan di padang (golf..pfftt) petang tuh. We went ahead without him to Bumbu Bali. Food pon sedap, easy for hubby gaks so he can go to work straight (walaupon WFH, tapi from there to PH dekat je).

mika, fish, air..tak dapat dipisahkan

kami di sana
sempat pulak shopping dalam kedai ni..mika took miniature color lagi
tangan mika spontaneous je tuh atas bahu tok mi dia
camni la kalau carry mika, kena balance² (note my left leg)

After that weekend, our lives memang berubah completely. Memang kena bukak buku baru dah. Not because of the dinner or anything to do with us but sebab orang lain. If pandai, rajin boleh baca blog my sister..and korek² sikit kat situ. Nanti la..dah confirm nanti I cerita. Yang penting banyak kerja woooooo...but I'm sure it's for the best, definitely :)

happening happening

Macam banyak happening event je Feb - Apr. Hubby’s fav band – Deftones will be performing on 14th Feb. Lama betul Deftones ni. I tau pon sebab hubby lar. Time muda² dulu naik kereta je sure dia pasang lagu jerit² ni. So dari tak tau dan tak suka, terlayan la gaks. So yes, that band is coming to town. Hubby ada ajak but I told him…sungguh tak sesuai la untuk I. Tapi maybe best gaks kot with the music and all but I’m sure I won’t be able to fit in dah la tahu 1-2 lagu je.

Then in March, Michael BublĂ© pulak! Ni I paling excited sebab ada geng nak pergi. I love his voice, song and bila dengar macam relax je..definitely nak pergi..during my wedding I had his song “Everything” masa jalan from main table to stage for cake sweet la that clip dia pon comel (singer pon comel)..YIKES...I cannot embed the video. YouTube jer la ok..nah link..

TAPI one of my girls cakap our dear friend pulak ada something going on that day…hmhmhm..kalau siang ok la, malam T____T But since it’s our dear friend punya event, must be happy for her jugak, OF COURSE. Last but not least, guess who is coming to town in April’s Bieber everyone. I think he’s cute but bak kata my cousin, kata la I pergi..KATA LA (hubby dah jeling² time I cakap nak pergi dan takkan kot I pergi..) I will be the oldest kot kat situ..sure fan dia belas² tahun. Dah boleh menyamar emak dah. Lagi tak sesuai. Ok crazy thought there.

p/s: hubby dah dapat approval for his visa..he will be flying off next week, insyaAllah. Sedeeeeehhhhhhhhh :(:(

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

kejadian yang tak diduga

Ohhhhhhh nooooooo…hari yang a bit unlucky today. You know what, semalam I clearkan update about 800 pages then this afternoon just before lunch dapat email from procurement ppl cakap ada error with the FI! Are you kidding me?? Error in January? So not good. What make it worse..I was the PE in charge. Dah la PE..TL pulak tuh..error la ni? Although my boss dah berkali cakap it’s okay plus binder I refer tuh yang salah, sebab previous PE update incorrectly dan tak remove benda sepatutnya dalam tuh but still an error is still an error. Sedeeeeehhhh :( Camne I nak explain to the team ni? Hopefully they won't make a joke out of it. Nevertheless my 2 expert PEs sangat supportive. They were really helpful in helping me to check and clarifying things. Thanks girls for your help!

After that pergi lunch and that time was about 12.30. First time ok pergi tempat makan tak dapat nak makan lalu naik kereta dan pergi tempat lain. Too full tempat tuh. Semua orang pakat nak lunch that hour ke? Owh ada lagi satu hari dalam minggu ni gaks..dah siap park kat area Petronas sebab nak makan kat that area dan dihalau oleh pakcik guard Petronas. Dah turun dan jalan then kena panggil. Kecoh nye. Haih..tapi walau apa pon, I ok je makan. Just feel like a dumb-dumb sikit la..apsal la ada error. Come to think of it, binder tuh pon tak update so really cannot put the blame on me (sedap kan hati). My boss pulak terlampau baik cakap it’s okay, it happens..yes happens but to a TL..jarang kot? Okok enough said. It’s tea time..chill with Nescafe..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TB season 6!

Believe it or much as I hate to admit..I love watching The Bachelorette Season 6! To me dia macam kelakar pon ada sebab si Ali ni dating with all guys pastuh nak intimate semacam. Reality series macam ni of course la tak real kan..full of drama. I wonder how much they are being paid to make it work..tapi kalau la real I rasa Ali paling sesuai with Frank. Macam ada chemistry, si Frank ni pulak ala2 good looking and I think dia macam a sensitive guy with a gentle heart (cheh..act je ni semua kan?). Even that guy bertahan sampai final 3 but they put a twist to it..I sebenarnya google je coz I wanna know the winner. Sadly it was not him, but...errr, don't want to be a spoiler la in case ada orang yang I sorang je suka tengok cerita mengarut ni..biasa kind of way to chill.

Ok it's starting in 5 mins, in the mean time..this is how Mika chill..suka sangat berendam dan main air.

mack mack and mika
eeee..tak malu
happy nye kamu :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

someone hits the big 3! happy birthday hubby :)

It was dear hubby’s birthday last Saturday. He hits the big 3 already! 
Happy Birthday Sayang, love you SO much!!

As it was hubby’s working weekend he went to work anyway. Day shift, not too bad. His team remembered his birthday and celebrated it with a cake and pizza.

as hubby is not really into cakes, i don't have to buy one for you lagi la kan? :D
malu-malu pulak

My side of story, my parents sepatutnya nak fetch Mika and me in the morning but ada emergency. Makcik/Mak to my brother and me (click here for prev entry) her husband yang I panggil Atok passed away on Friday night. Innalillah. So they paid a visit that morning so tukar plan sikit. My sister came by to fetch us instead. I can really count on her, sangat helpful. TQVM sis. Bukan sebab I takde kereta atau malas nak drive but I got plan later on that night and hubby will drop by at Subang after work.

Sampai Subang, Mika ate breakfast..he really can eat la bila mood makan dia datang. Meehoon almost satu tupperware habis. Lunch time, pergi kenduri kahwin anak kawan Abah kat Shah Alam with my parents, sister and Mika. I decided to tag along sebab dekat and rasa nak makan nasi minyak. Masa otw tuh, my sister tolong carry Mika while I berlenggang kangkung jalan dengan my mom. Penat eh jalan nak mengangkat Mika. Boleh pulak makcik sorang ni tak caya I mak Mika. Yer makcik, saya la mak kepada budak ni T_T Kat wedding tuh serious tak kenal siapa², abah punya ex-school mate (ex-Alam Shah). Tau² datang cari tempat, duduk dan makan. Pengantin pon tak salam :P Food was superb tapi orang cam ramai..kena tunggu² nak makan sebab takde tempat duduk. Dapat la jugak suap Mika with nasi putih dan ayam goreng.

Balik je dari wedding, Mika flat habis. He slept for like 2.5hrs and petang sikit my cousins datang and Mika was all excited sebab dapat full attention from everyone and I pon excited gaks ada orang tolong layan. Boleh mommy relax sikit. 7pm hubby balik and after Maghrib, we made our ways to dinner cum date night.

Went to Empire sebab nak pergi Chillis. OMG, ramai nye orang! Nak kena tunggu half and hour lagi, tukar plan..went to Italiannies instead. Okay la, I memang terasa nak makan pasta. Starter– Bruschettona (tak habis tahpau balik ada lagi dalam fridge tuh), Shrimp Aglio Olio – for me, Italiannies Lamb Shank – for hubby. Dessert tak order pon sebab too full! We did not go anywhere pon after that, ada la light shopping kat situ sampai shops tutup. Balik PH and watched movie lagi best. This time no need to worry about volume sebab Mika tido with his grandparents. Yeay! Just the two of us night :) Watched “The Wrestler”. Not my kind of movie but since birthday 'man' dah pilih, okay la layan jugak. Not bad! That night tido tanpa gangguan (gangguan here merujuk kepada anakanda-tercinta-yang-bangun-tengah-malam-mintak-milk-dan-sibuk-jugak-nak-tolong-buat-milk-kalau-tak-bagi-dia-mengamuk..tarik nafas!) and woke up at 8.30 next morning! Tuh pon sebab my mom call tanya something. Sekali sekali best but as much as I love it, life would never be complete without Mika. Pengarang jantung hati kami (betul ke jantung hati? hentam je la)..chewaaahhh.

tak banyak pics pon segan nak snap pic food sume sebab meja cam centre of attention
 pls ignore pic saya tutup mata tuh..pfftt

it's monday

Good morning. Ketika semua orang sedang layan AJL, yours truly dah selamat tido atas sofa. Sedar² hubby kejut suruh masuk bilik..alaa..angkat je la (mahu tergolek kot kalau angkat). Sempat la tengok awal², part² indie bands perform, FT dan rasa last sekali I tengok was that Ana yang menang tuh. Tak boleh accept lawak² yang rasa cam tak lawak langsung host² AJL tuh buat. Sampai tertido yer. Tapi tak kisah..sebab tak minat :P The only thing that I found it amusing dapat tengok Totti main dengan emo sekali minutes before AJL start. He has been my fav footballer since ages. Paling best bila dia main for WC 2006 dan Italy won. Tersengih² okay..hubby pandang semacam je. According to hubby, Totti kalau main je sure ada gaduh². Eh baru la macho..macam CR..main je sure emo². Ooo..I love drama on the field. How can you not adore him?

I had a great weekend. It was hubby's birthday last Saturday. Dinner+movie+mika-ditinggalkan-night for us last Saturday :) Will blog about it later or maybe backtrack nanti.

Friday, January 7, 2011

birthday celebration at babysitter's

As promised, ni entry about Mika's birthday celebration at the babysitter's. Plan nak buat end of the year but anak kakak ni kena chicken pox and dia memang nak join celebrate sekali since last year dia termiss..then kebetulan birthday dia memang 6/1, so buat sekali gus. I kan MC and kek pulak still tak amik lagi kat Wana, nasib hubby memang off so we went to collect it at Cyber..ala2 COD kat St Mall. Lepas je amik kek balik rumah straight, makan ubat dan tido sampai 4pm. Bangun, get ready and janji jumpa kat rumah babysitter at 5pm.

The kids were already waiting, tak sabar nak makan la tuh. Plus design Elmo, lagi mereka geram. Amazingly dengan Mika sekali dengar cakap bila kakak tuh suruh duduk or don't touch. Baik je duduk diam. Dah habis nyanyi, amik gambar..makan time. Kek kakak Wana buat sangat sedap! I'm not a chocolate fan..but bila makan tuh cam sedap nye..tak muak and yang penting tak pening! Selalu if terlebih makan chocolate sure pening but not this time. I siap dah balik rumah, makan lagi kek yang kakak tuh bekalkan. Mika sombong..daddy dia nak suap dia tak nak..dia nak makan ramai2 dengan kawan2 dia.

the kids excited
abang..6 tahun with mama dia and Mama Ayu for Mika :)
group photo
potong kek time
waiting anxiously to eat the cake
with mommy and daddy
cantik kan? 1st time kot kakak wana try buat ni

Last year punya I tak join sebab buat pagi, so this time I mintak kakak tuh buat petang. I hope Mika happy dapat celebrate with his friends. Maybe ni last year kot celebrate dengan kawan2 dia kat sini. Next year, maybe different nursery or school pulak

i wanna push you around..well i will

Good morning! Awal-awal tahun dah MC. Actually started last week, Friday tuh dah sore throat tapi I tahan je with hope it will be better but macam mana nak ok kan kalau makan tak pantang, minum air sejuk and lately hujan je..terkena hujan yesterday memang tak tahan..flu and I just do not feel like duduk dalam tempat air-cond anymore. Mon-Wed boleh tahan lagi la. Anyways, am feeling better today..Alhamdulillah.

This morning otw nak hantar Mika, this Matchbox 20 song "Push" was on the radio..I was giler lagu ni. Lagu zaman dulu-dulu.1997 tak silap..form 4 :) It was a hit back then and brings back memories! Dah la malam tadi I mimpi bukan-bukan and it involved people from the past. Co-incidence? Hmmm..dengan suara yang tak seberapa (flu kan tak flu pon tak best gaks..selalu menjadi bahan ketawa hubby kalau nyanyi) I nyanyi la sekuat hati. Really made my day. Mika pulak senyum je tengok I..dia tanya banyak kali "Ni siapa nyanyi?" I reply..Matchbox 20..then tanya lagi.."Ni siapa nyanyi ni?" I reply..Rob Thomas..dia boleh pulak jawab.."Oh Thomas & Friends.." aaaa..boleh la sayang..huhuhu..Sekarang kalau hantar dia dia asyik nak duduk depan je. Tapi dia diam la..just bagi biscuits or something to munch on..he will be one happy boy. Ok peeps, I will continue later with Mika's celebration at his babysitter's post.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Wah dah tahun baru! Macam kejap sangat. Baru je rasa 1 jan tahun lepas bawak mika pergi zoo. Tengok orang buat 2010 highlights buat i rasa nak buat but if only i got the time. Last thursday i kena buat highlights for my team, kalau la i boleh paste the same thing here but memang tak la kan. Team=work and i wouldnt want to bother u with that would i? I do have things to say but not now. Will backtrack the posts if time permits. 2010 is great. Career wise..i manage to achieve what i targeted for, alhamdulillah. Life never been better with the loved ones and i cherish every moment deeply. Hope for another great year filled with more love, happiness, wealth and success. Happy 2011 everyone!

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