Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011..welcoming 2012 :)

I've decided to post an entry on this very last day of 2011. Every thing needs a closure even if it's a simple one including this blog of mine. So what happen to me after my last post? You see..after the last post, at 37.5 week, my second one decided to say 'Hello World', exactly the next day. It was a fast normal delivery without the help of vacuum nor Epi. As much as I wanted the Epi, I was not allowed to take one as I was already 9cm dilated when I reached the hospital.

The pain started at about 2am on that Sunday morning and I thought it was only food poisoning. Did not wake hubby up at all but I surrendered at 6am. By that time I knew that it could not be food poisoning as the pain was unbearable. I really need to go to the hospital. Called my mom and she came over with my dad to look after Mika. Reached hospital at 7.20am and was brought straight to the labour room and 1hr 20mins later the little one was born. Just like that..Alhamdulillah. Ahmad Zharief Aariq was born on 13 Nov 2011, 8.41am :) Still cannot believe I am now a mommy of 2 heroes!

Confinement was a bit challenging as this time around was at my own house and I have a toddler to deal with. My mom came daily and helped me with the laundry, prepare food and managing the baby. Thanks Umi! On the last day of my confinement, decided to celebrate Mika's 3rd birthday at my parents' new house and we recited a doa selamat as they have moved to the new house couple of days before the Xmas weekend.

2011 has its ups and downs but nevertheless still a good year for me, Alhamdulillah. Wishing everyone a happy new year and may 2012 brings more happiness, love and success! May Allah bless us always :)

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

the day when...

I just realised that I did not upload any photos on Aariq's birthdate. Oh did that happen? So this one below is copied and pasted from the last entry in 2011 and I added some photos inside. The orignal one can be found here.

I've decided to post an entry on this very last day of 2011. Every thing needs a closure even if it's a simple one including this blog of mine. So what happen to me after my last post? You see..after the last post, at 37.5 week, my second one decided to say 'Hello World', exactly the next day. It was a fast normal delivery without the help of vacuum nor Epi. As much as I wanted the Epi, I was not allowed to take one as I was already 9cm dilated when I reached the hospital.

The pain started at about 2am on that Sunday morning and I thought it was only food poisoning. Did not wake hubby up at all but I surrendered at 6am. By that time I knew that it could not be food poisoning as the pain was unbearable. I really need to go to the hospital. Called my mom and she came over with my dad to look after Mika. Reached hospital at 7.20am and was brought straight to the labour room and 1hr 20mins later the little one was born. Just like that..Alhamdulillah. Ahmad Zharief Aariq was born on 13 Nov 2011, 8.41am :) Still cannot believe I am now a mommy of 2 heroes!

Introducing..Ahmad Zharief Aariq

mika meeting his brother for the first time
nak tepuk² la tu
aunty ellie asking him something 
aunty zira entertaining mika 
my cousins, sister and hubby who is paying full attention to the football match on the tv! 
belang-belang day eh? 

we are four now

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday and alone

It's saturday and raining. Hubby pagi-pagi dah keluar for his soccer game but sempat la he bought me and his son bfast. Then mom called around 8 ajak bfast and wanted to take mika out. No to bfast but yes to the later one. Mika followed his grandparents to shah alam. Dapat la i hang and fold baju in peace sambil layan drama kat 105. Touching jugak la that drama. Then back from shah alam mom and bro nak pergi seremban to take some stuffs from my cousin, Mika nak ikut. Sure, no problem. More of me time but i have to admit that i'm not use to this kind of silence. Sunyi je rasa. Baju semua dah fold but i masih lagi tak bergerak nak arrange. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

still here

Hellooo..I'm still here and no..haven't deliver yet. As you can see from the ticker di sebelah kanan itu, I'm already in my 37th weeks and 19 days to far, macam ok. Tapi bila dah nak malam tuh penat semacam also kalau jalan lama-lama cam tak selesa but walking is good kan? Also not to mention stairs :) Kat office macam ramai orang dah tanya bila I nak cuti..honestly I pon tak tau. If possible, I nak kerja sampai Friday next week. Cuma I ada annual leave to clear so I might start cuti dah next Thursday. A lot of handover to be done and to brief Acting TL also assistant on tasks to do during my absence. Thank God ada lah orang dalam team yang boleh diharap, so takde la I risau sangat bila takde nanti. Preparation wise, macam mostly dah prepare except I kena repack my hospital bag, try to minimise stuffs and this weekend mmg all out to check against the checklists. Nervous? Memang sangat. Though ada experience tapi of course lain kan every delivery. It helps la sebab you got basic knowledge on what to expect tapi nervous, takut tuh semua tetap ada. Hoping for the best, InsyaAllah. Talking about baby kan..I just got news last Tuesday that one of my gurls is expecting..AGAIN! Congrats dear, Alhamdulillah. Last time when I delivered Mika, she was pregnant too and delivered in June the following year. This time around pon macam sama :) Our kids memang macam selang² tahun. Dah la gynae pon sama :) Happy for you girl! Almost 5.30pm..time to go back dah. Bye!

mika posing with his tools..mintak duit kat Tok Bah to buy this last Sunday

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

to-do items

That day I mentioned some to-do items kan..well..let's revisit those items :P
  • Wash baby's clothes. My idea is basuh sendiri sebab kena guna that baby detergent then send it to the laundry shop to dry. That way jimat masa nak hang and all - DONE but belum pick up lagi sebab nak siapkan tempat nak letak all those baju, to be done soon
  • Fix the baby cot sebab current state untuk baby besar :) DONE !
  • Then wash the baby carrier, rocker and whatnots DONE !
  • Arrange bilik Mika to make way for the baby cot - ON HOLD sebab ingat nak berkampung kat master bedroom dulu but dah arrange master bedroom to free up more space
  • Pack hospital bag!DONE ! baru buat semalam..
  • Also find mattress for the single bed in the maid's room - DONE !

Monday, November 7, 2011

7th november

Hubby still tak balik lg. He decided to park his car at LCCT coz its cheaper to drive rather than taking the taxi. My day tired! I didnt do much pon, early morning ingat nak cari bfast then as soon as i left the house boleh pulak hujan lebat, tiba2 je. Mission cari bfast fail then sbb public hol so takde org jual pon. Detour to mom's and i made french toast there for mika while i had leftover from semlm. After that balik rumah and i managed to wash the new crib set, towels, crib sheets and some other stuffs and that was the finale, semua sudah selamat dibasuh dan cuaca panas pulak. Mom and sis fetched me at noon coz we wanted to have lunch at Cozy Corner. Off we went and by the time sampai rumah dah 2 plus. Mika pulak behaved well! Berbeza sungguh if his daddy is around. Dia buat hal sendiri je, tengok Toy Story and also Rio. Just i penat sikit time nak kena mandi dan siapkan dia, usually hubby will do that. Later in the evening i went to mom's again sebab boring la kat rumah but balik just before gelap. Just watched Hell's Kitchen and now nak tido dah kot. In a way thank God sbb tak ikut coz hubby ckp jam teruk kat ipoh. I yg tak buat apa sgt today pon cam cramp2 perut imagine travel. Working day tomorrow, nite!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam aidiladha

Salam aidiladha :) this yr beraya dekat putra heights, home sweet home. Pagi raya pergi rumah umi, had bfast there lagi sng sbb mom order food je tapi sesedap food makcik tu, still nothing can beat mom's kuah kacang dan rendang. Reason kenapa tak beraya di kg sbb i dont think i can travel dah, plus my aunt&uncle are away at Mekah. My cousins and grandma semua ada sini. At about 10ish we excused ourselves then balik i sempat buat another round of laundry. Tak buat apa after that lepak sampai after Zohor and headed to alamanda, saja jln. My dad ada bagi mika some cash pg tadi sebab dia ckp nak beli tool. Dpt la dia tool kat toys r us and had lunch dekat the chicken rice shop. Bila la empire nak bukak ni..dkt sikit toys r us. The one in ioi kecik je. Did nothing much in the evening. Hubby is leaving for alor star tomorrow morning, flight at 7pm coz my BIL nak engage esok. My in laws dah gerak dah this morning after solat raya. Again, i'm not fit nak travel so have to miss this one. If my BIL happens to read this, congrats BIL and future fiance! On the other hand, dah start miss hubby dah (eh poyo je). Lama tak separate ni. Walaupon it's only for a day..tapi things will not be the same without him around. I guess now i mcm clingy mode sikit tambah2 mika sgt mengada skrg. I hope dia behave esok. Ok, nak pergi tgk The Walking Dead..gdnite!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The thing that I don't fancy at all every year is to do KPI. It will be a breeze one if the employee is good and deserves a good score but if it is the other way round, you will need to be brave to face the employee and tell him or her the truth. Sometimes they will understand but if they don't it will just be like war where both of us will be battling against each other to win. It doesnt do any good now that I'm 36 weeks pregnant..more stress perhaps? But worry no more, am almost done. Two more to go then I can relax. This week is a pretty crazy week!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I love my car!

My car took the final blow yesterday. Setelah lama ditinggalkan tidak bergerak, semalam nak pergi kerja dia tak nak start pulak. One of the reasons the car was left idle sebab the two back doors tak boleh bukak and it has been that way rasa months jugak la. Then the handbreak macam ketat, mula-mula nak jalan je macam ada bunyi and not just that, sign handbreak kat dashboard tuh sentiasa la on. The central lock mmg tak ok dah, nak bukak pintu pakai manual je. See..banyak nye problem! So semalam decide nak fix kan semua ni. With that many issues of coz banyak duit nak kena keluarkan..cons of having a car is maintenance la. Alhamdulillah, workshop dah call tadi cakap dah settle. Hubby suruh dia washkan sekali. Lepas ni will take care of my car elok-elok. Dah la boleh dianggap dapat free from abah have to really take care la. After all, that car banyak berjasa before dapat hubby's car early this year. Ok, nak pergi pick up dia before hujan lebat. Enjoy your weekend everyone! I love my tiba-tiba :)

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Friday, October 28, 2011

hear me out

It's already Friday and I have so many things to do come weekend. Things to do this weekend or at least some of it:
  • Wash baby's clothes. My idea is basuh sendiri sebab kena guna that baby detergent then send it to the laundry shop to dry. That way jimat masa nak hang and all
  • Fix the baby cot sebab current state untuk baby besar :)
  • Then wash the baby carrier, rocker and whatnots
  • Arrange bilik Mika to make way for the baby cot
  • Pack hospital bag!
  • Also find mattress for the single bed in the maid's room
Also semalam Mika was unwell. Dia kan flu + cough like since last week and doc dah cakap if tak ok after a week kena datang balik. Had to leave the office at 4pm to fetch him and demam dah kurang dah masa tuh. I pon tak bagi dia any fever medicine that evening sebab nak gi clinic. His throat is red and doc has prescribed antibiotics for him. Fed him dinner and medicine then pukul 3 pagi, mamat ni dah terbangun. Tossing around tapi tak demam la, sempat suruh I tepuk² dia. This morning, I tak hantar to the bbsitter but to mom's instead. Hubby pon WFH je, so anything senang. I was supposed to drive on my own la kan since hubby tak pergi office tapi my car pulak tak nak start. I suspect dia merajuk sebab dah lama idle and mesti sebab battery ni. Wanted to drive hubby's car but dia cakap dia nak okay la. Mika pon ikut :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday night

It's public holiday today right in the middle of the week. Dah la cuaca from noon sampai skrg hujan je. Sungguh sesuai untuk berhibernasi di rumah. I spent the noon with watching Captain America. Biasala, org lama dah tengok I je yg baru nak excited bout this movie. Actually dah start tengok last night but hubby nak tido pulak and I dont feel like watching it alone at the hall so postpone today je. Hubby dah tengok, so it was just me. Can't wait for The Avengers next year.

Then went to Summit jap dan org ramai sangat! My mom was at Subang and she said Parade full, jam tak boleh nak masuk. Orang semua pakat keluar ke hari ni? Ok, enough with the babbling. It's almost 10 now, time to sleep. Esok kerjaaaa and with the KPI meetings scheduled for my team tomorrow till next week, memang bz la sampai raya haji nanti. Nite!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mommy dulu-dulu

Mika chose this photo as the ipad's wallpaper. Wah my hair panjang this time dan still terurus. Time ni mika baru 1yr plus, tak sampai lagi 1.5yr old. Still larat nak angkat dia. Maybe dia rindu kot nak kena dukung..sian dia. Nanti lepas deliver mommy angkat ok? Now dia mmg faham why i tak angkat dia. Good boy :)

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birthday celebration with the loved ones

OK, ni sambungan from the hi-tea. Disebabkan my birthday was just the day before, they decided to celebrate it together, so sweet la :) My own family memang selalu keluar for dinner to celebrate but with additional family members lagi meriah. I could not ask for anything else. Thanks everyone for the lovely wishes. Love you all :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

graduation hi-tea with extended family

Last Saturday, we celebrated my sister's graduation together with my cousins, their parents and our granny. Memang dari kecik dah rapat so we try to meet up as frequent as we could and also sebab our family size macam comel-comel, so these two families memang selalu je meet up for all kind of occasions. To make it easier for everyone, my mom suggested for hi-tea dekat INTEKMA hotel, Shah Alam. Not bad la, price ok, food pon ok..banyak choice. Some pics..

Friday, October 21, 2011

3 series

happy birthday mommy!

So it's my birthday today. Welcome to the 3 series club, Eeja :) Age is just a number..yang penting syukur Alhamdulillah dapat sampai this age, with loving family and thoughtful friends by my side..that's all that matter. Since it's a Friday and macam tak best nak kerja time birthday..I decided to take the day off. Also last minute plan we decided to spend the night at Thistle, PD. Last time we were here was like 1 yr plus ago. Mika pon baru je 1 yr old. Click here.

the boys gave me these lovely cards
we are back

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Current state

Current state..seisi rumah flu and cough. I ok lagi la, but hubby was down on monday padahal i yang flu dulu kot. Takpela, there's a reason why dia kena..if i demam not good for the baby pulak kan. Plus takleh nak simply makan ubat. Mika pulak this morning dah start coughing. Terus bwk pergi clinic after work tadi, biasala dpt mak macam saya ni mmg cepat panic sikit. Get well soon everyone, mommy's bday is coming :p

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Monday, October 17, 2011

monday they said

Would it be too much if I say that I miss the boys? 2 hari cuti memang tak cukup. Walaupon Mika selalu buli read it right..memang selalu kena buli. Suruh main "ring around the roses", "london bridge is falling down", ultraman lawan-lawan dan juga tanya soalan non-stop dari pagi sampai petang sampai la malam..hanya senyap bila tidur sahaja tuh pon kekadang di kejutkan awal pagi "Mommy bangun, dah terang" sekarang kan terang cepat..6.45 dah terang dah but I still miss this cheeky boy of mine. The big boy pon miss jugak, walaupon selalu gaduh, selalu je bising² tak puas hati ni la, but adat la..orang kahwin kan. Without these two memang rasa incomplete sangat. Early morning dah miss²..lambat lagi nak Friday! Ok peeps, I guess that's what they called Monday blues.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

finally bought the crib set

Remember semalam I mention nak ambil katil from rumah in-laws? We were supposed to take the X-trail but my bro ni pergi silentkan phone, call tak berangakat so we headed to BM terus without the car. My parents were out, so dah pesan kat dia la we all nak amik key. Well, lepas dismantle tengok² muat, just nice. Just that Mika had to sit in front and I volunteered to drive sebab tidak larat untuk menampung berat budak tuh, sakit perut I nanti. Dah la Mika dalam kereta kalau tak strap to his car seat, tak boleh duduk diam. The maid's room dah complete, except nak beli mattress je. Maid je belum sampai lagi.

After leaving kakak helper tuh dekat rumah for about 5 hrs, we then sent her home. I gave kakak my old bags and purse and some food, happy betul dia. We then headed to the baby store. Now the online shop dah ada new branch at KJ, ok la..dekat and open everyday. And yes, after contemplating of buying and not to buy..I've decided to get the crib set for the small one. Kesian la pulak, sebab barang abang dia macam dah 3 tahun dan dah guna berkali-kali, so a new crib set won't do much harm kan? Considering barang² lain pakai abang dia punya je.

settled for bumble bee sebab quality ok and price reasonable and on discount too!
this time around, i pilih this design
mika excited nak keluarkan from the bag, so dia rasmikan dulu plus need to wash anyway

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday dah

Saturday morning..orang paling last bangun adalah saya. Hubby was up quite early for his early roadwork routine, mika was up next. I remove kan all the bedsheets then sebab malas nak wash sendiri, sent them off to dobi. Senang. Went to shah alam for bfast and fetch kakak yang helper tuh sebab dah lama rumah tak berkemas. Initial plan nak ambil katil dekat rumah in law but my brother tak answer phone coz we need to take xtrail. So tak jadi la plan nak ambil katil today but still going to BM. Actually now dah dekat in law and i tinggalkan kakak dekat rumah. Later peeps :)

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Friday, October 14, 2011

kecik house

Normally before sending Mika off to his bbsitter, I always give him hug and kisses sampai dia rimas. Then today before keluar rumah dia pesan "Mommy, kat rumah Tok Mama tak nak hug tau" Kecik² dah pandai malu. Semalam masa I hug dia in front of his bbsitters and friends, muka dia dah malu² tak nak pandang I dah. Eh kamu ni..kecik lagi kot..belum pon 3 tahun. Then time nak drop kan dia tadi dan dalam kereta lagi masa ni, dia cakap "Mommy, hug la sekarang" Dia memang tak bagi I hug dia time kat luar nanti. My lil boy dah besar! Cepat nya masa berlalu. Mika pon kalau cakap sekarang memang sometimes tak larat nak layan. Cara cakap macam orang besar..ada je reply dia. Contoh semalam on the way to his Tok Mi's..I cakap tuh big house, spontaneously he replied.."Kecik house mana" Then time my mom tengah suap kan dia nasi mom cakap la, "Tok Mi ambil white rice je" again he replied "Black rice?" I love you, Mikhail Haris!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

u can read if you want to, entry kosong je

Pernah tak you all rasa macam one day terlebih chatty? Like so in the mood to talk tapi in my case today, I macam banyak "cakap" online la like sibuk nak comment, everything pon sibuk tolong jawabkan. From the morning I start kerja, query yang editor hantar to my team members pon, I rajin tolong explainkan. Then whatever question orang tanya, I rajin nak explain this and tak perlu kot menjadi begitu but well, today is my chatty day I guess. Nothing wrong with that kan? :D

Went to Kyros kebab for lunch and nama je kedai kebab, I had chicken chop set + chick pea salad instead. I have been refraining myself to click on any online shopping sites..not until the salary is in and I realise tak banyak pon lagi stuffs to buy. For the baby, macam dah cukup tinggal nak wash and susun elok², for myself..I still need to buy the confinement set though..last time I pakai Nonaroguy..not sure this time pakai apa. Also last time my MIL she specially made these two things..rasa memang tak sedap but the outcome macam bagus. Dia rebus ikan haruan then blend it and pack in small container size of the small dessert container, I had to take that about 3 times per day after meal. Masa minum benda tuh siap tutup² hidung dan telan macam tuh je. Kalau tak bernasib baik ada la isi ikan haruan yang tak fully blend. I dreaded myself bila nak minum benda tuh but I can say that it really helped in the healing process. Then dia buat air kunyit tak I had to drink this sekali sehari..rasa kunyit la but these 2 things mmg really help..not sure she’s going to prepare again this time. Segan pulak nak tanya..hubby pls..tolong?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

post tanpa hala tujuan

Woke up today with the rythm of the falling not really actually. I baru je mandi then his daddy’s turn to I macam dengar bunyi hujan. Told Mika it’s raining outside..Mika quickly denied it and said, “tak la, itu bunyi daddy mandi” then time dia tengah "berbusiness", tiba² cakap kat I… “Mommy, go” I was like go mana..sebab dia tak nak I dekat dengan dia masa dia tengah berbusiness...pandai betul budak ni. Yang tak pandai lagi is he still on diaper. I plan nak toilet train dia by end of this year, so it’s easy when he goes to school next year. Though the teacher said, they will help him with the training but macam leceh je..hopefully by end of this year he is diaperless. Now need to google on steps to complete this mission.

The maid issue is still pending though. The man yang tolong with this maid thingy is actually the man yang buat wood carving for my mom’s old house and mom ambil his service again for the new house. He got a furniture shop at PKNS, Shah Alam dan sebab macam kenal, so it’s easy to liaise with him. Anything we can just let him know. Our target pon by Nov to get the by the time I deliver nanti, ada helper la tolong my mom. My MIL also getting one for my SIL. Hope all goes well, InsyaAllah.

On my progress pulak, I dah dalam state yang macam susah nak bergerak. I mean, slow motion sikit. Still larat nak berjalan here and there but when it comes to house chores..saya sungguh malas! Rumah pulak tak sah kalau tak bersepah, dah kemas sure bersepah balik and that lil boy of mine, susah nya dia nak ikut arahan. So like it or not, hubby pon kena la tolong. Macam semalam when we had dinner to celebrate my sister’s graduation, Mika demanded for the I told him.."Don’t make noise"..and dia selamba je repeat I cakap..siap dengan jari² sekali dan kalau depan his grandparents, uncle and aunty memang tak jalan la kalau kena marah pon.

Some pics from last night..Mika with his daddy je..mommy don't look good in photos anymore..cheh, macam la good sangat before this

Monday, October 10, 2011

girls with shopping..cannot be separated

Dah 2 posts baru nak update pasal weekend. So how was your weekend? Mine was spent with looking for stuffs and also light shopping for the lil one.

We went to IKEA and The Curve last Saturday coz I plan to get some items...

 ....tapi bila fikir balik, dia bagi quilt cover which I know with the weather like this (and also from experience), akan jarang digunakan, end up jadi perhiasan je and for the fitted sheet that comes in that package can easily get that fitted sheet anywhere. Bumper pad pon plain cancel. First time pergi IKEA beli barang tak sampai 5 item pon. We bought fitted sheet, small towel, wardrobe rack for Mika, toilet bowl brush (ni pon nak beli ke?huhuh) then apa lagi eh..tuh je kot. Then headed to the brands outlet sebab kat sana banyak sikit barang² compare to the one at IOI..and managed to grab these cute lil sleepsuits.

too cute to to say no bila nampak benda comel sebegini?

From IKEA, pergi Subang sebab nak cari sandal Mika dekat Sports Direct but tak jumpa. Then terasa nak makan nasi ayam Kak Laili so we tahpau that first sebelum balik rumah. Sampai PH hujan selebat-lebatnya.  Memang perfect weather untuk bergolek-golek with the loved ones but satu je yang tergolek, Mika tak nak tidur and I had to accompany him tengok Ultraman.

Petang sikit pergi check out clearance sale at USJ 19 mall, tak berapa menarik sangat but dalam tak menarik I manage to grab 2 pairs of shirt & pants for the lil one then dinner at nearby restaurant. Singgah kejap at mom's sebab nak collect stuffs I bought online. Hubby then went out to see his friends, I dengan Mika la sibuk check out the new stuffs..Mika so far tak nampak la jealous which I hope he will remain the same sampai dia jumpa adik dia nanti.

check up at 32 weeks

I was supposed to update about my 32 weeks checkup..lupa pulak. So 32 weeks dah kena check dekat hospital. I've decided to see the same doctor time Mika dulu and deliver at the same hospital too, just because sebab dah comfortable with the area and distance wise sangat dekat. Time Mika dulu I was still living at Shah Alam so adalah dalam 20-25 minit kot ke macam 10 mins or maybe less depending on the traffic dekat flyover tuh. Doctor pon dah biasa, and so far memang puas hati with her service. Went there last Wednesday after work and Alhamdulillah, everything looks ok. Baby according to the doctor, now weighs about 2.4kg (follow abang dia la ni) and she advised me to eat moderately atau dengan erti kata lain..makan berpada-pada :P Tapi sugar level and all, clear. Phew..Alhamdulillah. It took about 10 mins je kot to see the doctor and next check up will be in 2 weeks time. Wah, memang cepat masa berlalu.

congratulations sister!

Congrats to my dear sis! Dah graduate dah kamu. Luckily her convo was held at MMU itself so I can easily go without having the need to take leave or even half day leave. My bro parked his car at the Park&Ride, then hubby pergi fetch him then only fetch I. Sampai MMU about 11.40am like that and they dropped me off first sebab parking agak jauh (but turned out they managed to find a spot nearby sangat dekat). My sis was already waiting outside for us and according to mom, everything went smoothly. By 12 noon, semua dah settle. We went separate ways sebab my parents nak balik PH straight, then hubby just had I tahpau je la. Plus nak pergi dinner petang nanti, so thought of leaving the office early.

orang yang diraikan berdiri tepi sekali, ni semua sebab tanah tak even
saya yang bulat kat tengah pulak 
 objek yang difokuskan adalah di bahagian kiri yer, bukan kanan sekali :P

Friday, October 7, 2011

you just gotta love this..don't u?

Someone put this on her FB and I was like..AA singing?? mesti kena nak tengok kan? I was smiling from ear to ear when I saw this. Oh comel nye! *melt instantly* hahah..nak jadi mak orang for the 2nd time masih nak sengih² macam teenager.

This one pulak from US X-Factor 2011. Ok this guy..when he first stepped in, Simon was not that impress probably because this guy macam too perfect kot. He got the look, he can sing, he can do modelling..yer la..maybe Simon macam tercabar :D but bila dia semua orang suka including him.


friday post

Last Tuesday, bbsitter Mika told me that got two cases of HFMD kat nursery. The first girl yang kena, got it from luar and brought it to the nursery. So to be safe, nursery will be closed on Thursday and Friday for cleaning purpose. Who come to the rescue then? Of course la my dear mom :) Nasib la rumah dekat je, so not a hassle to drop him there and I dah siap² belikan breakfast for them. Mika kalau duduk dengan orang lain, baik dia lain macam sikit. Macam terlampau baik. Cepat la dapat least tak bersalah sangat nanti bila nak tinggalkan Mika with my mom. Talking bout maid, yes, we are in the process of getting one. InsyaAllah, if all turn well, will share it here. Hopefully boleh dapat by Nov which is our target. If still maidless by next year, might have to stick with the current bbsitter for both.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

32 weeks and counting

Eh dah 32 weeks la this week! OMG cepat nya. Macam banyak je lagi benda tak prepare. Last weekend I baru keluarkan balik baju² Mika. Nampak macam dah cukup and some still tak pakai lagi tapi I still think I need to buy at least a few pair more. Knowing me, mesti la tak cukup² kan. Semalam I siap survey car seat lagi..but we still have Mika's old one..and bukan pakai lama pon that carrier seat tuh. 6 bulan dia boleh pakai Dory lupa kan sahaja buat masa sekarang but if ada baru best gaks kan *evil smile* Got appointment at the hospital this evening. My 1st hospital appointment. Excited and nervous, all at the same time. Will blog more later, see ya.

Monday, October 3, 2011

i'm a REAL kid..soon mika will be :)

Hello, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty quiet but we managed to get some things for baby no.2 and went to settle Mika's school registration on Saturday. Boy my son dah besar! Nak masuk sekolah dah. After surveying here and there, we have decided that Real Kids, PH is the best for him. Mika will be in the Pre-1 class which is an English Medium Programme, 3.5 hours daily and the subjects are English (Sounds & Writing), Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Maths, Early Science, Character Building/Agama, Junior Music Programme, WAU (World Around Us), CALIT (Computer Aided Learning & IT), Art & Craft, and Swimming & Gymnastics. The environment looks OK and there's a kids' size pool too. The centre macam seberang jalan je from our house. Upon registration, Mika dapat 2 sets of school uniform and they are FREE :) I pulak excited nak beli bag, shoes and stationery for him.

passport size photo to give to the school
senyum macam kena paksa..huhuh..
i tak teman kan dia time ni, kena jaga kereta coz double park

Done with the registration, we headed to IOI mall for lunch + light shopping. Sigh, patut boleh pergi Empire. Nak pergi Subang sure jam, Pyramid dah lambat. Before keluar rumah panas betul, so I happily la tinggalkan the laundry outside, then jemur Mika's pillows. We were out tak lama pon, about 2 hours plus..bila balik tuh, hujan selebat-lebatnya. Memang basah la baju then luckily pillows tuh my neighbour tolong ketepikan. 2 kali jadi dah macam ni, so next time if nak keluar sekejap pon, must not leave the clothes outside. Weather sekarang unpredictable.

the boy trying out his school uniform
tapi the pants baggy eh? huhuh..mika mika dah besar dah kamu

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

early morning explosion

Laa..baru semalam update a post which relates to meletup pulak. Happened early this morning and according to the news, explosion started from Starbucks which is located at G floor of the mall. Explosion can be heard by nearby residents in SS17 and as far as SS14. SS17 is where my family used to live. So memang dekat sangat la, jalan kaki pon boleh sampai. Selalu pergi Empire, macam almost every weekend sebab banyak tempat makan and also nice shops like ToysRUs, Charles&Keith, Tangs, DP, Pumpkin Patch..banyak la. If nak meet up pon, we prefer to go here. Mika pon pandai cakap nak pergi everytime we pass by. Looking at the photos, macam teruk la damage and tak tahu la bila boleh fully recovered. Walaupon sedih, but thank God bukan daytime dan no casualties ..I cannot imagine if it's daytime sebab siapa² pon boleh ada kat situ. My sis-in-law pon nasib dah tukar to KLIA  branch, she used to manage C&K there. Some of the photos I've took from the net and I've shared this link in my FB and Twitter jugak..can see more photos in there. Dahsyat sungguh..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

wah, ni memang overdue ni

I realise that my posts banyak yang backtrack but biar la..still want to update bout my Iftar with the girls. Better late than never. Plus every year ada update..not going to miss this year's one too. Every year the girls and I will make the effort to meet up for Iftar. Despite our busy schedule and nak cari time where everybody is free to meet up, we try to Iftar together as part of the annual event. Click 2008, 2009 and 2010(i), 2010(ii) & 2010(iii) for previous years' sessions :)

This year's one was kinda last minute plan sebab sedar tak sedar macam dah nak habis Ramadhan and we still haven't got the chance to meet up. I can't remember when exactly the date but I believe macam almost to the end of Ramadhan. Initially we wanted to go to Ole-ole Bali tapi tak boleh nak reserve and it was already full house by 6pm, so opted for Italiannies, Empire. Managed to grab a table to fit 9 of us including Eisha's step son but sadly Ereen had to decline, in-laws came I think.

Faz's birthday baru je lepas so we decided to celebrate it again complete with a cake and candle. That time everybody was too full jadi one piece of cake share ramai², tuh pon macam tak habis. I know Faz happy dapat celebrate with us and like wise, Faz! Just look at her expressions below :)

Last but not least, another photo of US in front of the restaurant. Would be complete if Ereen could make it..takpe la, next year ada lagi.

p/s: after checking back my email, this event was on Aug 21st, Sunday :) semangat sungguh nak tahu date

Monday, September 26, 2011

dinner at ellie's

Later that night, went to Ellie's house to settle something. She took the trouble masak nasi goreng + nuggets mesti la makan bertambah² kan. Memang plan nak gi dinner pon but nasib baik jugak sebab budak kecik tuh dah selamat tidur. Masuk kereta terus tidur..dah sampai rumah Ellie pon tak sedar..balik angkat dia pon dia mamai². Letih sangat la tuh + kekenyangan. We brought him for lunch that day makan ayam penyet..then time I tinggal kan dia with my parents, my mom bawak dia jalan² and fed him fried rice. OK, as long as dia nak makan..I'm totally fine with it. Owh, Mika dah tak perlu jab sampai 6/7 yrs old dah. The last one was Hep A kot and though it's optional tapi sekarang ni semua macam perlu kan. Told the doc that I still want her to be the second one's Paed if I deliver at CA lagi.

 ye ye lengan saya besar
 flat habis..dalam kereta air-cond, sampai rumah ellie air-cond mana nak jaga kan