Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Went to my colleagues' wedding yesterday. Both of them are my colleagues and the wedding was held at Bandar Sri Damansara. First time I pergi wedding after 2pm. Selalu I macam awal gaks and by 2 normally dah balik. This time, saja pergi lambat to avoid the crowd and by the time we all sampai pon banyak meja kosong, good move. I think banyak gaks WK ppl datang our time. I did not have the pic of bride and groom with me, tak snap pon. Ntah pape kan..takpe la, nanti I try and ask from my friend.

mika kan tak makan benda pelik, so dia makan cornflakes, kuih bahulu and kuih apa eh color brown tuh and oranges plus dia dah makan before pergi
excuse my mulut penuh..

ada pon wedding pic credit to Ros
mika tutup telinga sebab bising..boleh je mamat ni 
ngantuk dah ni..about his sleeping time
muka ngantuk dan kekenyangan kot..
baru lepas makan nasi goreng cina for dinner

Weekend macam best sebab I got to spend time with my 2 boys. Plus I cuti kan..hubby lagi lar..cuti from Fri-Thurs this week. I just wish it could be more often but work is still work. Ok peeps, I gtg now. Out for lunch. Later.

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