Saturday, December 18, 2010

play time

this boy sangat excited both his parents are at home today
though he doesn't look like one but believe me..dia sangat excited and mengada habis

We brought Mika out to KizSports & Gym...the one in OU. Never been there so ingat nak check out that place. Masa nak masuk tuh I tanya la how to be a member then the girl said this centre is closing down early next year. I thought macam this centre yang paling banyak attraction. Entry fee cuma RM8 and both parents are allowed to  go in but if you want to be at the playland, have to wear socks. Mika at first macam tak nak main sangat and he looked sleepy, tuh la suruh sleep dalam kereta dia sibuk bercakap. Order nugget and take 5 kejap. Only after that dia nak main.

makan dulu

mika yang main mommy yang penat

2 hours gaks we all kat situ. We went there on a weekday so tak la crowded sangat. By the time we left dah lunch hour and we decided not to have lunch there sebab pack. Rimas.

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