Thursday, December 16, 2010

meet my new phone

After months contemplating on which phone to get I finally settle for this. Actually hubby tolong decidekan..I don't even know whether this one ok ke tak plus its a birthday gift kan..Hubby is the one yang into gadget and all this tech thingy..ikut kan je sudah. No Blackberry no Iphone..HTC HD7 it is :)

Masa nak beli tak plan pon. Tried our luck at Maxis, Pyramid and orang tuh cakap ada stock. Even Iphone 4 pon ada stock. Pelik eh..selalu out of stock je. Took the number and guess number is 4007. To those yang tak kenal I, I am a bit obsessed with number 7. I rasa 7 macam nombor cantik. My fav footballers almost all pakai 7 and I feel macam 7 is my lucky number :) Lagi nak buat I nak phone ni walaupon the fact I sangat clueless phone ni apa features dia and all is the name of the phone itself ada nombor 7. Hah..pastu kena pergi kat counter 7 to register dan sebagainye. Memang la I rasa I patut ambil this phone. Heh :P

At first ingat nak beli phone je without package and use my existing line but fikir balik I still kena amik data plan so ambil la 12 mths contract for RM1699. Took the cheapest plan which is the Value Plus 50 + Data Plan 1.5GB. Nak tahu lebih lanjut, sila click sini dan sini. Masa nak beli this phone pon the salesguy sangat recommend to take this as this is the top in the market for now. Thank you hubby!! Next change 5 tahun lagi kot so dah alang-alang tukar ni..ambil la paling latest in the market. I dah pakai this phone for 2 weeks and to date application still limited and cannot really multitask but don't still baru about 2 months je and this January nanti ada update so hopefully it will be better. The best part is, tak ramai orang pakai lagi. So lain sikit dari orang lain. Alright I should stop annual dinner post still pending. Will do it after this.

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