Tuesday, December 21, 2010

small celebration with the loved ones

It feels like Monday today dan rasa macam dah cuti lama. So semalam birthday anakanda tersayang. Apa eh we all buat..pagi tuh nak breakfast dulu at Subang the usual place tapi I ada emergency sikit so singgah rumah my mom. Nasib la my mom kat rumah. So dah alang-alang kat Subang tuh, letak Mika kejap there and went for breakfast (apa la..birthday boy tapi kena tinggal). Kejap je..about half an hour later amik dia balik and my mom distributed souvenirs she and my sister bought @Sabah. They went to KK last weekend. Best betul dapat island hopping and snorkeling and also tengok Mt Kinabalu. Dapat la t-shirts and fridge magnets :D Thanks so much. My dad ada meeting that morning and my mom cakap dia tak pernah balik lepas meeting walaupon dekat and normally will go straight to work but bila tahu cucu kesayangan kat rumah, terus dia singgah. Tak lama pon kat situ sebab we all nak datang balik tea time. Before balik, checked out H showroom at USJ. Hmmm..

Since the weather macam sejuk² and nak hujan jer, we all lepak rumah and Mika sempat la sleep for 2 hours. I think dah cukup jalan dah 3 hari ni so duduk rumah pulak. Around 3pm, siap² and off we went to Subang again. My cousins baik hati nak belikan Mika cake sebab nak celebrate birthday Mika. So niceee..Beli goreng pisang dan kuih² and my sister masak spaghetti goreng yang sedap. The guys - my dad, bro and my uncle takde..only the girls with hubby and my other cousin je ada but tuh pon dah cukup meriah. Yer la, 2 years back pon they were here when Mika was delivered. I love them so much!

birthday boy

muka macam pelik sikit sebab semua orang nyanyi dan tengok dia

my cousins..aunty tatie is not in the picture
kuih-muih yang terbeli banyak
look at his face! gembira sungguh
with Tok Mi and Tok Zie
with the 2 aunty-duts :)

I hope Mika is happy and this year's birthday dia lebih faham compare to last year's. I tak buat kot birthday party or anything like I initially plan. Ramai orang tak available and time tak mengizinkan. Before sleep, I suruh dia nyanyi happy birthday and he managed to sing it well although the birthday meaning is still vague to him :)

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