Friday, December 24, 2010

it's friday night and i cannot stop myself from writing

I cannot seem to stop blabbering here. Somehow it feels good to let it out loud though nobody really read it anway tapi I know ada je yang baca coz tetiba je dapat SMS/email with their comments on my you all and thank you for the personal messages! Am currently watching Teen's Choice Award 2010. Boleh pulak layan dah la si Bieber ni tengah perform..Bieber fever, memang teens around the world suka betul kat mamat ni, Hebat eh? Tapi..I macam layan gaks lagu Baby dia tuh..16 tahun dah rich & famous!

My housing area now dah ada barrier. Last time only guards je yang monitor traffic in and out but now they have installed barriers. Not one but 2 for each exit! Actually ada 2 jenis. One is without pass where the guard will open for you and the one is with pass. We took the pass option. Agak mahal jugak la RMX00 per year but if kira balik its RMX0 per month so macam reasonable la jugak. This is to cover the security fee too. The guards will make rounds day and night and monitor our houses kot ada la attempt nak break in ke, suspicious movement ke apa. For safety reason, okay la..we all subscribe to the service. Plus hubby kan PM shift every 2 weeks, so if I tinggal sorang tuh at least I know ada guards patrolling at night. Tapi we did not take whole year la, try for 6 mths first. If ok, then continue. Mana la tahu after 6 mths ada new rule or something.

Did I tell you that once hubby balik from outstation nanti he will be working on normal hours? Don't know for how long but tak silap sampai the account he is about to manage handed over to other dept. InsyaAllah after that no more night shift. One step at a time, Let's hope for smooth sailing journey in 2011. It's already a good start for us in 2010 and harap2 2011 will be better. Praise to Allah for his blessings dan rezeki tahun ni, Alhamdulillah :)

What's the plan for this weekend? Tomorrow balik kampung = SJ je :P Ok la nak sambung layan teen's choice award ni...mmg la teens but the actors/actress being nominated and yang artists yang perform bukan teen pon :P siap ada david beckham nite!

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