Wednesday, December 29, 2010

best song ever

Best song ever..dulu minat sangat-sangat dengan Bryan Adams. I hafal banyak lagu dia. I still think he's the best so far. Sebab dia la I start minat guys who can play guitar+sing+good looks (ehem ehem). Time I form 2, my aunt pon suka dia ni..I mean logic la sebab my aunt tuh same era with I macam dapat influence from her. Dia akan pinjam kan I video tapes concert BA and print out for me lyrics even tolong record his songs in cassettes. So banyak la jugak those singers from 70s, 80s I tau and that time I memang layan lagu from that years sampai la form 4. Radio I kalau on je radio station yang play lagu lama-lama. This song itself has its own meaning and some people memang susah nak cakap sorry kan no matter how wrong they are. Ego kot..I admit I am one of them. Let it be..yang dah lepas tuh lepas la kan for now let's enjoy this song.

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