Tuesday, November 16, 2010

thai food for lunch

Lama dah entry without pics. I'm still working on those Sydney photos. The thing is, most of the photos are in my friends' cameras. Since I still on leave, belum sempat nak amik those photos from them. In the mean time, I'll just make do with whatever I have at the moment.

Had family lunch at our regular Thai restaurant in Shah Alam last Sunday. You will see later that photos below are a bit different. Testing out this app from hubby's phone. Very cool. My friend la recommended me this app. This makes me wanna own an iphone too! Hhhmmm..

finally an Inter jersey for Mika..
hubby loves the idea of his son putting on his fav team's jersey
like father like son..indeed!
the happy grandparents
somehow my face turned out to be so fair in this pic
i don't have an Inter jersey..so I wore blue to match with the boys
my bro takde pulak his pic..body pon jadi la..the food..licin

at one of the bookstores..last pic..saying goodbye to Tok Mi 

here's another sample of the app. 
different frame and tone for the pic


puterikurekure said...

selamat hari raya rafiza & family! :)

Adekniza said...

apps apa neh? sgt curious? hehehhe
sila beli iphone juger.. :)

raF|za said...


salam aidil adha to awak n family too :)

raF|za said...


hisptamatic. u should get that app too! tuh la..still undecided..sigh, nak beli phone pon susah.

Adekniza said...

huiiihh mcm datamatics plak.. kkekke..
kang nk donlod..