Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sydney :)

Hello there! I’m now at the Sydney office. Weather has been great, but there’s a LOT of walking to do here. Nak pergi train jalan, turun train jalan, nak pergi office jalan and jalan jalan jalan but okay la, tak panas. Just need to have one good pair of walking shoes :)


I was in not so good condition before I left for the airport. I  think I had food poisoning. Started around 3PM. Vomited 3 times and dizzy+nausea semacam. I took panadol and was unable to sit let alone walk. My mom, bro and sis together with Mika sent me halfway to hubby’s office coz he was working that day. I just rest and took a nap all the way to hubby's office and airport.

Mika was asleep when I said my goodbye tapi dia sedar la, he nodded his head when I told him that mommy needs to go to work and okay lar..dia tak la nangis ke apa. I know that he will be in good hands. Hubby then brought me to the nearby clinic but it was closed so we headed to the airport terus. Flight is at 2240 but I sampai awal, 7.15pm kot dah sampai. Went straight to the clinic but the doctor was on break and since I did not have anything for lunch, I decided to have something light at Delifrance. Had mushroom soup and after that meal I was actually feeling a lot better. Checked in luggage and hubby teman sampai some of my friends sampai. We said our goodbyes and not long after that, the rest pon sampai. 8 hours flight and finally I got to watch Twilight Eclipse! Halfway before I slept and continued to watch it again once I woke up. Did not really touch the food served as I still had that mild tummy ache but Alhamdulillah, smooth journey ahead. Dalam flight tak buat apa pon, just tido dan sungguh tak selesa. 8 hours duduk je..boring weyh..

with other 2 TLs who were also my apartment mates


I bought the local prepaid number and its quite cheap to make international calls from the local number. After checking in and freshen up, we (excluding the other 3) went for a walk and initial plan was to find the Rock Markets. We ended up walking from Liverpool St (the place where we are staying) to Circular Quay where Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are located. What a long 2 hours walk but we had fun taking photos of the beautiful buildings and scenery there. It was freezing cold probably around 12C with strong wind in the evening and at that moment sweaters, jackets and mufflers really came in handy ;)

After that long walk, we decided to take the train back to Town Hall. It costs us at $3.20 for one way ride. Not too bad. Enjoyed the dinner, goofing around with the guys and the thought of going to work on Monday kinda spoiled our mood a bit :P Had a warm shower and headed straight to bed. Really need that rest.

Apartment is super comfy with fantastic view. Superb! Admin puts us up in 3 separate apartments and we got a room each with double bed. The apartment is fully furnished with kitchen ware and all. We are definitely going to cook on one of these days. I do not have my camera’s cable with me now. Pics will come later. I miss my boy like crazy but he's just a phone call away. It is actually a good time for me to relax and have some fun too. Will update more in next entry. Stay tuned!

city view 
at one of the alley
with 5 other TLs, my manager checking in at the background
the view from the apartment 

@clark quay - sydney harbour bridge and opera house 



Fazlynne Majid said...

fiz.. best nye! u look great btw.. i love love love u in that 7th pic.. nice jacket n bag!! where did u get the jacket frm? :) but really cantik lah awak! (u really, not the jacket hehe)

raF|za said...

faz..thanks! :) awak nak tau..that jacket is kak johana's..handbag tuh my mom's..boleh tak? semua tuh borrowed stuffs. hehehe..u look good too yourself. dah slim!