Thursday, November 11, 2010

sydney: day 4

Did not take our breakfast at the apartment today. Went straight to work but we caught the train on the bad time, packed! On the way to the office, bought coffee and banana bread and the guys had to take another train as the one that we took was already full. Lots of meetings today and I managed to convey team's messages to the editors and hopefully they will take note of that and not to do the same in future. H and I went out for lunch together. We checked out the stores but the prices are either expensive or more or less the same so no point buying. More meetings after lunch and I admit that I was actually lost in the meeting! Joined the meeting because it was a book meeting but the editors are from tax team. L and I kept quiet most of the time as it does not really relate to us but we played it cool and nodded our heads just to show them that we do understand with every single thing they said. Funny.

It was raining heavily soon after we left the office. We wandered around the mall for half an hour and went to Target. Took the train and went to the souvenirs shops in the city. H and I were too tired to go out again that night so we bought dinner and stayed in. I mentioned to cook on previous entry right but due to tiredness we just do not bother to do it. I only managed to cook Maggi and fried some eggs :) After dinner, watched Glee (new season) and started packing my bag. Quiet night but I love it.


Nurul Isabella said...

Me wants photos!!!!

raF|za said...


nanti i letak eh. i tak bawak cable. huhuh..pastu tak sempat nak mentransfer kat office ni. kang kantoi laks :P