Sunday, November 14, 2010

sydney: day 5 & 6 and home sweet home

Looks like I have missed to update day 5 and 6. Was actually busy on these 2 days. More meetings with the editors especially on the last day.


I have a coffee session with one of the editors at 9.30am. Just me alone with him and kinda nervous at first as we were discussing about stuffs that I am not familiar with. Then went out for lunch with tax editors and 3 other TLs. Did not know the editors at all but it was a great lunch also the chance to introduce myself to them. I had 2 more meetings after lunch and said goodbye to some of my editors who will be off on Friday. Left the office by 5pm.

The shops are open till 9pm every Thursday. We took the opportunity to do some personal and souvenirs shopping. I went out with 4 other TLs and had dinner at one of the Kebab/Pizza restaurant opposite of our apartment. We then hang out at our boss place and stayed up till midnight.


Last day at the office. Even though it was a half day, we still have another 2 meetings to attend to that day. Done with that we said our goodbyes to the editors and took photo with them. Managed to leave the office at 11.45am and headed straight to our apartment to check out. Had lunch first then we went to this market called Paddy's Market something like our Central Market where they sell souvenirs, t-shirts and stuffs with a really good price. We spent about 3 hours there and had to be back at the apartment by 6pm to catch our 9.30pm flight.


Arrived at KLIA at 3.30am. Hubby fetched me and since it was still early in the morning and I was still full from the continental breakfast I had in the flight, we headed home. Mika was at my mom's so I got the chance to sleep and rest as much as I wanted to but..I only slept for about an hour. Woke up and started to unpack my stuffs. Did laundry and hubby and I cleaned the house together. I even washed my curtains and the sofa covers. I do not know where I got the energy from but I lasted till 8pm that day. Went to Subang around 2pm and am so glad to see Mika. Suddenly he can talk so much and he looks like a big boy already. Brought him out for dinner and headed home with the 2 boys. Home sweet home. By 8pm, I was off to lala land and after 7 nights without Mika beside me, he is now back in my arms and I bet he must be happy to have me back too :)


Tatie Sharil said...

omg mahu gambar!!

raF|za said...

hehe..yer yer. working on it :P sabar eh