Tuesday, November 30, 2010

on leave monday and tuesday

Penat! Baru balik from surveying some stuffs. End up tak boleh nak decide nak yang mana pon. 1st item I macam takde feeling pon nak..more like..kalau ada ada la..then worse part is I don't even know which one is the best..so pulang dengan tangan kosong. I don't think I need one that urgent now. Keeping my options open. 2nd item not mine but hubby's. This one of course tak beli sekarang but survey-survey dulu. We are keeping our options open too for this one and hope to settle for the best. Still considering between need or speed..hmhmhmhm..

Semalam pon I cuti and managed to do something to my hair. I wanted to cut it shorter but my fav hairstylist was not there and I do not want to take the risk to ask another stylist to cut it for me. Don't think so I look ok in short hair though. Since the hair salon macam susah giler nak cari parking (ss 15..what do you expect kan?), I mintak tolong my mom dropkan and balik time tak hujan I jalan jer (since I have this, I so love to walk..worth sangat. The shoe I mean) cross the road and asked my mom to fetch kat seberang. Senang sikit for her. Sunday night I overnight kat Subang and I patut hantar Mika to his nursery on Monday but dia boleh cakap tak nak and memang dia tak nak pergi pon. My mom told me that she will take care of him so tinggal lah Mika with his Tok Mi. Manja betul. I cannot imagine kalau dah sekolah nanti..sure kalau dia cakap tak nak my parents mesti OK je. Mesti cepat dapat adik ni :P

That's about it. Nak rest kejap and in about 2 hours time nak fetch Mika. It's his turn for a haircut pulak. Rambut dah menutupi telinga and I bet mesti menangis punya la..Ntah apa dia takut kat orang potong rambut tuh. Later..

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