Wednesday, November 10, 2010

sydney: day 2 & 3


Woke up at 6.15am and I thought I was already late. The sun was shining brightly on my face (yours truly did not close the curtain properly as I wanted to enjoy the panoramic view of the city then felt asleep). My apartment mate made waffle for breakfast for us and met everyone at the lobby at 7.30am. The 2 other guys were late and we had to wait for 15mins! Nevertheless, train journey from Town Hall to Mcquarie Uni was a smooth one. It takes about 30mins ride plus 15mins of walking to the train station and from the station to the office. We bought return ticket for whole week. Cost us about $37. The office here is almost similar to the one in Cyber, a bit far from the city with a university nearby but the difference here is you got a mall with cinema and an ice skating ring. How cool is that? For someone like me who is working in Cyberjaya, I found it happening already :P The nearest mall that we have back there is like 15-20 mins drive!

The schedule for Monday was to meet and greet the EICs, Editors and Indexers. We introduced ourselves and finally I got to put names to their faces. I mean, I sort of knew what they look like from the photos my boss took 2 yrs back but meeting them in person is something different. A good day and we left the office at 4pm but I guess with the daylight saving thing, everyone rushes off home early too. We split into 2 groups for our outing that night. My colleague and I went for light shopping and I managed to buy myself a Malaysian dinner and the shop is located just next to the apartment. Once we were back at the apartment, it rained heavily with thunder and staying on the 71st floor with window glasses around you just make it scarier as we could see the lightning and hear the wind loud and clear.


It was the presentation day and quite a long day too. Was the day where we needed to present what we have been up to for the past 2 weeks with EICs, Editors and our GM’s boss as the audiences. All went well. Good job to all of us. I was nervous at first but kinda get the flow when I started blabbering things that I am familiar with. We received great feedbacks from the audiences and phew..the thing that making us worried, nervous and also the main reason why we all are here is finally over, YEAY!

The rest of the guys had a lot of meetings with their editors. Me on the other hand had a pretty quiet evening checking on the emails and catching up with my team. We left the office at 5pm and plan to actually go to Bondi beach. Asked the guys to come and meet us at 7pm but they were late. Guys oh guys..we stopped by at one of the gadget’s shops and by the time we left the shop it was almost 8pm. Changed our plan and headed to Darling Harbour. More photos and poses..what do you expect when you travel with 2 photographers huh? Had dinner there and we reached home at 11pm. Took shower and headed straight to bed. What a tiring but exciting day!

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