Monday, November 15, 2010

monday already?

What's wrong with this blogspot? My blog is not loading. Is it only me or anyone out there experiencing the same thing? Hhhmm..on the other hand, I am on leave till Thursday this week. Yeay! Why Thursday and not till Friday? Honestly I am not too sure myself. I guess I still have unfinished businesses to solve and I prefer to come in on Friday rather on Monday.

This Wednesday is Raya Haji and will be going back to mom's hometown. After lunch, hubby, Mika and me will head to Malacca and spend a night there. Finally a cuti-cuti Malaysia. Even though for only one night, I still hope that I can bring Mika to the pool. Hotel to be revealed after the short vacation with review too. Speaking of pool, I need to find new swimming attire for myself as the last one I had was too revealing OR let's just say that the sight of me in that old one is just ermm..hideous? :D

I wanted to upload my Sydney pics but too many and that minus the ones from my friends' camera. Later..sorry peeps!

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