Saturday, November 6, 2010

mommy got to go to work

this phone is officially mine for this 1 week. i doubt that i can go online with this there but if there is a wifi connection available why not rite? one of of my colleagues is already worried with no internet connection at the apartment there. i've packed my stuffs just that light packing is not my thing! gonna miss the 2 boys, the lil one especially. hope everything is ok here and there and i cant wait for next saturday. should touch down @klia at 3.20AM. first thing i want to do is to have msian breakfast! wish me luck with presentation and everything. mika, mommy got to go to work. while mommy is away, be good and dont trouble your Tok Mi. at least on the days when no one else is around except your Tok Mi. daddy will be around on wed&thurs. i'll see you on saturday yea. love you so much!

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