Tuesday, November 2, 2010

here we come

What a hectic week. Was on EL yesterday and came back to work today but kerja banyak sangat! Leaving for Sydney this Saturday night and lagi nak pergi lagi banyak benda nak buat. With the slides, presentation and agendas and not to forget KPI..sigh..I just cant wait for this to be over. The good thing is about this trip, there will be 8 of us going this time and it should be fun trip..hope so! Both ex and current boss pergi and for 6D5N we will be staying here. Excited tapi at the same time..how la nanti nak separate from Mika. The longest I separate from him pon macam 1 night je kot tuh pon dah rindu habis. Mika just recovered from fever and I hope dia ok la sepanjang I takde ni, InsyaAllah. Okay la, nak makan and yes sekarang almost 11pm. Paksa hubby beli nasi goreng sebab macam lapar, kata malas masak. Later peeps.

Apa punya style la ni..daddy Mika punya kerja

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