Sunday, October 10, 2010

-ve vibe in the house [UPDATED]

I so want to update about my weekend this morning but now it's almost ending, just don't have the mood to do so. Weekend doesn't feel like weekend at all if you did not even get the chance to laze around in front of the tv or just hang out doing nothing. Turned out it was pretty hectic and a lot of last minute plans. If you know me well, I do not like last minute plan. Yeah, boring person I know..but that's just me. I like to plan my days ahead. If it is last minute and does not ruin any of my plan, then it's absolutely fine. Anyways, I am not that cruel when it comes to last minute plan and whatnot as long as you know the way la kan. I of course learn to give and take but kalau dah selalu give bosan gaks, rite? A wounded heart is heart to heal, so pandai-pandai la ambil hati. Jangan la tambah lagi garam kat luka tuh (ada eh pepatah macam ni?) Actually, adalah sedikit terasa dengan beberapa incident berlaku yesterday but entah lah, I don't know who to talk to pon about it. So simpan dalam hati je la. It hurts me so bad and that explains my somberness today dan juga to other times if I di hurtkan lagi. I did mentioned bout this in my previous posts (malas nak really open here) and again I believe, benda ni jadi balik sebab ada orang tak play the role well. It hurts so bad, SO BAD! I wish life is simpler and kind too. Entah, some people maybe memang camtuh, lupa kot orang lain ada feeling. Now tell me, how to respect people like that? Satu, dua, tiga, empat kali I still ok lagi la...but kalau dah over sangat..tak ke fed up? Let it be la, yang penting sabar. If I boleh act nicely, I will do it otherwise you just need to see the real me. Time tuh too bad la kan..sorry ok nak cover-cover. Enough said..hopefully Monday will not be as gloomy as it is now...InsyaAllah :)

Ok keep my feelings aside and on this 10.10.10, is my MIL's birthday. 
Celebrated at Marche and everyone was there. No pics from me, from photographer ada kot. Mika as usual, tantrum nak main air la nak tengok fish la, nak tolak stroller lar, and I layan kan je la..penat seyh..memang boleh kurus ni :)