Friday, October 1, 2010

this is a fact and i'm speaking from experience

To explain on that matter above, well not much of explanation needed actually. Sometimes you just need to let it out. I know that letting it out on FB was not really a wise decision but WTH, let it be. I have tried my best to please other people but the response that I got, well let just say.. RIDICULOUS. Macam nak cakap.."Kenapa ada orang macam ni dalam dunia ni??" Like mentioned, why should I lower my standard to theirs? It's their loss and not mine. Tak guna eh membazir masa fikir pasal ni. Some people jealous tak bertempat and saja nak hurt kan feeling orang lain. I'm not just talking about me but in reality, banyak sangat orang macam ni. Like why can't you just be happy when someone is happy? I know too many people like that but tak kisah lar..I memang tak pandai nak hate² orang. If you know me well, I jenis tak suka tak kawan orang..orang dah layan teruk macam mana pon, I still can accept them as friend but jangan la over sangat..macam tuh semua orang pon tak suka.

Speaking of friends, thank God for the GIRLS. They understand me well. Though we seldom meet, they really got strong advise to give and usually it make sense. If they don't like something, they will tell you straight to the face..takde nak fake ke apa and we never try to compete..yes, since school days :) Now talking bout school days make me more relax and happier. Sorry if this post is ruining your weekend mode. I feel better now, after all tak guna pon fikir banyak². I have other stuffs to do and this piece of **** will ends here. Full stop.

Nevertheless, I still want to say HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND yea?

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