Friday, October 8, 2010

the story about previous post

Ooopss, this post came a little bit late than it was supposed to. I mentioned something about happy joy joy rite yesterday, takde la..just that I nominated one of my team members for Wall of Fame last month and she won! Tu la happy nye. Happy sebab antara nominees lain dia yang paling outstanding and conclusion is, she's really one GOOD employee and most importantly, she is from my team! You see, it's not easy to manage your own friend, takut orang cakap I berat sebelah, pilih kasih etc..but her work last month memang made her deserve to win this title. Again, I kisah apa orang nak cakap kan? :D Wana, if you are reading this..CONGRATULATIONS yea, u really deserve this.

After work, made a quick trip to Taipan..jalan-jalan cari makan. Ingat nak try that Yellow Cab pizza but that shop dah tutup. I didnt really feel like having anything for dinner sebab macam sakit perut..dari Thursday dah sakit2..but since hubby tahpau-ing something at McD, i kirim nugget je. Itu pon Mika ate half of it. Sampai rumah I mandi and terus tidokan Mika, dengan I sekali tertido. Sakit perut + ngantuk punya pasal. Normally Friday night kan movie macam waste je la. Ni I dah terjaga, hubby sleep pulak. kay peeps. Later.

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