Saturday, October 23, 2010

'kolam' - unbelievable!

Last Friday my company ada buat Deepowraya activity in conjuction with recent Raya and coming Deepavali. Ada this 'kolam' competition among teams and my team..let just say we did it at the very last minute. As mentioned, most of my team members were on leave that day so ada berapa orang je la nak tolong buat this thing. The design pon we all figure up the day before and on Friday itself baru la nak finalise. Just that we tried to find something unique for the design and it does not relate to just Deepavali or Raya concept..more to 1 Malaysia :) so much of 1 Malaysia eh? We got our national flower on the drawing and the elements inside there were a mixed of this and that.

the raw material
 we have to import HR staffs (the one in black and the one in pink tudung) to help us do this

 'kolam' from other teams..hebat kan the rest
my team punya last pic..simple kan?


we WON that competition! time they all announce 3rd and 2nd place, I siap cakap kat my friend to share their prize with us sebab I know my team macam takde harapan nak menang compare to other teams. Luck was on our side I guess. So unbelievable and even masa nak amik prize tuh pon cam btol ke my team menang ni..team² lain yang buat hebat² lagi la..macam tak percaya je we all menang. Our reaction memang terkejut sangat REALLY?? Sampai GM tunjuk team yang buat 'kolam' ni is the winner. Of course la bila we all menang ni, semua team macam tak puas hati. Yer la, most of them macam all out, siap bawak extra prop lagi. Well, I must thank one of my team mates who presented really well. We had that 'think out of the box' design and we achieved the objective of this activity and guess we deserve it. Should thank the HR girls too for helping out. What a Friday!

with the 1st prize and our 'kolam'

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