Monday, October 18, 2010

it's monday and i'm at home :)

A slice of red velvet cake and a cup of coffee on Monday morning at HOME. How heaven is that? I'm on leave today..yeay! I have like 6 days more to finish and will be carrying forward another 7 days, InsyaAllah. Also hubby is off today. Sent Mika to his nursery this morning and we are taking this opportunity to do stuffs which we cannot do when Mika is around :) But, I'm missing that lil munchkin already. Later peeps. Have a good Monday!

the inside look :D
i can only eat half of it, am keeping the other half for mika


Adekniza said...

kecur plak tgk!!!
sedap tak fiza?? I mcm tak berapa berani nk try lagik..kekekke...
i pun kt umah nie.. pening dr last week on and off..iskk

Nurul Isabella said...

Alaaa semua orang takde. Wana also takde.

Fiza, Mika makan choc, nanti dia tak hyper ke? Hihi

Nanti Mommy juga berpusing kena kejar.

raF|za said...


Haha..sedap. tapi tak leh nak makan selalu gaks. dia cam filling. try ar :)

raF|za said...


Haah la, we all sume cuti :)

Mika tak makan choc pon dah tak leh dok diam. Hehe..cake ni dia tak sangat, but choc cake from secret recipe yes, favourite dia. Takpe, I bagi dia makan bila daddy dia around, so leh take turn kejar :P