Sunday, October 3, 2010

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Weekend yang sungguh relax..i LIKE. I spent most of the time melayan the precious one aka Mika Haris (nama feeling omputih sikit) and every minute with him is totally a bliss minus the tantrum..pfftt..tapi so far dia okay lar, well behaved. Saturday morning berkemas pulang ke Subang and before that tahpau breakfast for the whole family except for my dad yang busy with his weekly routine..GOLF-ing. Initial plan for Saturday nak follow my parents to their friend's house tapi I don't want to rush them as I have to be back by 5.30pm. Hubby kan PM shift, so by that time dia sure dah bangun I told them to proceed without me and wise move. Sebab nya mereka stuck kat MRR2, jam teruk and only managed to reach home at 6pm. Nasib la tak ikut. The thing about Raya, everyone is sort of busy with open house. Kalau duduk rumah pon, sure ada orang nak beraya. I'm referring to my mom's house of course, takde orang pon nak beraya rumah I :( Cepat la habis raya..boleh la nak pergi shopping ke gi mana-mana ke (raya means open house, open house means cannot letak Mika kat Subang as mom will be busy attending those rumah terbuka).

Oh, Faz dropped by my house passkan wedding cards my ex. He did came to my parents' house last Sunday but I rasa door bell tuh rosak, so nobody heard him. The girl's side will be at the same place as I held my wedding. Agak pelik, I kahwin kat situ, my ex pon kahwin situ but I know that that place memang favourite pon. But I macam tak boleh attend je both of his receptions..not going to be in Malaysia that time :P In case you are reading this F, thanks for the invite yea. If I happen to be around, will try to make it. Congratulations..finally.. :)

For dinner, I had this daging masak kicap, celery dan ayam goreng. Sedap, siap tambah 2 kali walaupon daging masak kicap tuh last 2 days punya. I sorang je makan sebab orang lain dah kenyang dengan makanan open house. After that I layan this drama at TV3 with my mom. Not bad la cerita dia. Lesson that I learnt..some ppl cakap macam bagus sebab dia takde benda yang orang lain ada hence merendah-rendahkan orang lain and also sebab dia jealous coz life sendiri macam tak best. Makcik dalam drama ni memang hebat berlakon. Mulut memang laser habis la dan sedap-sedap je kutuk kawan dia. As usual makcik lagi sorang watak sedih-sedih, kesian mesti dilakonkan oleh Fauziah Nawi. Watak dia sungguh sabar, dengar je 'kawan' dia tuh kutuk depan-depan. Tapi sebab dia baik, dia tak amik hati sangat pon and in the end, she still accepts her so-called friend as her friend. Now why that sounds so familiar? Hmmm..

Hubby tak kerja hari ni and we might go somewhere today. Tapi tak decide lagi nak bring Mika ke tak. Tak bawak macam kesian tapi bawak tak leh la dating. Tengok la how..okay peeps, enjoy your Sunday and back to work tomorrow!

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