Friday, October 15, 2010


Adam Lambert is here..but I didn’t get any green light from hubby to go to his concert. I really want to see him in action but then again, if hubby tak nak pergi takkan nak pergi sorang. Takde orang pon nak pergi so tak tercapai la my wish to see him live. Dulu² selalu gaks pergi concert if international artists datang. The best ones of course Mariah Carey and Muse. I heard Pearl Jam is coming too tapi dari dulu cakap macam tak datang² pon. You know what, Metallica is having a concert the same time I pergi Sydney nanti. Let see if I manage to get last minute ticket for that, provided ada orang nak pergi lar. Hubby macam jealous siap cakap ticket semua dah sold out bla bla. I takde la fanatic fan of M, but I do know quite a number of their songs and if I get the chance to go, sure dia jealous habis. Layan YouTube je la AL ni. If only dia bukan &*^ maybe percentage to go to his concert tinggi sikit kot :)

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