Tuesday, October 19, 2010

cantik tak? :D

I mentioned that day that I wanted to do some shopping last weekend but I did not get the chance to. The weather was like freaking hot, so I decided to stay indoor. Saturday I keluar kejap to trim and treat my hair. Itu pon 2nd plan after I politely declined my sister's invite to go to Sg Wang. Wah, fikir balik KL on Saturday, MALAS nye. Turned out dia pon malas :) Whatever it is, thank you dut nak teman shopping.

My sis fetched me from my house that morning and had breakfast at Subang. Mika ada cough so I had to feed him medicine and right after he swallowed it, he vomitted banyak betul. Tapi dia tak nangis pon instead he told us that he's done with the vomitting, clever boy. My mom baik sangat tolong bersihkan all the mess and I mandikan Mika. Mintak tolong my sis to drop me at my fav saloon and I was done in 2 hours..shortest period ever. Normally pergi saloon tak sah kalau tak 3-4 jam. Had a good time chatting with the hairdressers there, dah 4 yrs kot I let them do my hair.

Slept at Subang that night and sempat la I layan drama kat tv3 malam tuh. Not bad at all tapi halfway I ngantuk sangat so tertido. Then Sunday brought Mika jalan-jalan to Empire and back to PH. Panas sangat la weather, rasa nak turn on the air-cond 24 hrs and duduk diam-diam je.

Monday I cuti and ajak hubby pergi shopping. Well, no one else is available kan, so hubby pon jadi lar. Shopping with guy mesti nak cepat je kan..but this time, hubby selamat temankan I for 4 hours and on top of that I dapat some stuffs from him ;) Terima kasih!

 this is not the shoe i wanted but i do need a good and comfy shoe so hubby pilihkan this one and
he asked me to take red color, katanya outstanding sikit..baik boss!
super skinny! 
time memula ambil tuh i macam muat ke ni, kecik semacam je
tapi muat la pulak. there's one more cantik and sedang muat tapi tak sampai hati coz mahal. i settle for this one je

For office attire, I managed to get one pair of pants and skirt je. Dah amik this long sleeve shirt but hubby blurted out something like..common, tak cantik..terus I pon malas nak amik dah. You see, if shopping with hubby sometimes can be pretty annoying sebab dia nak cepat je but I admit, he does has quite a good taste and money which I totally salute ;)

For my real birthday present, I still tak decide what I really want. Like REALLY. He did gave few suggestions but my response macam OK je, takde la terlompat happy ke apa. My main interest now is rumah kot, anything that buat rumah cantik..I'm in. So tengok la how nanti. Anyway, I'm still 1not done with that shopping yet, still got few items on my list. Will continue another time :)

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