Thursday, October 14, 2010

breaking the long silence

Hello there. Lama eh tak update. Wanted to but sangat malas, busy pon yer jugak. So what I’ve been up to these past few days? Kerja la..of course. Work, meeting, report..non stop. Everyday ada je benda nak buat. Will be busier sebab almost year end with year end reviews, book program (my first one!), business trip (can’t wait but alahai..malas nye nak pack) also planning for Mika’s 2nd birthday party. So much things to do with so little time. This weekend ingat nak settle some stuffs and also nak SHOPPING! Hubby mesti cakap membazir but I take it as investment ;) I need new proper office attire for that business trip (business la sangat), new shoes (have been eyeing one at Clarks, taste orang tua eh? but I need a comfy one), new heels (shoes and heels tak sama eh hubby) and let see if I can squeeze haircut to that to-do weekend’s list.

Starting this week, I dah start hantar Mika to his new nursery. Same babysitter but kakak tuh dah expand her business. Now ada kakak tuh with her adik and one helper. Her parents on and off ada kat situ gaks to look after the kids. The nursery now is operating at a new house which is solely for nursery. Not far at all, nearby. Tak kacau la route I kalau nak singgah beli nasi lemak bawak ke office. In fact, keluar junction je depan sikit dah sampai stall makcik nasi lemak.

Ok, back to the story..we attended the opening ceremony last Sunday and my first impression, luas dan lapang also ada halaman for the kids to play. But it’s a nursery lar so tak boleh nak demand macam rumah orang tinggal kan? Feeling rumah tuh belum ada. Hmmm..since Mika is almost 2 yrs old, I figure macam ok jugak he mix with other kids. His development pon so far so good, banyak dah dia cakap and so far tak nangis when I drop him off. Eager to play with his friends. Age Mika kat situ ada lagi 2 orang. One girl and boy. Used to be 4 of them. If you remember, I ada mention bout his friends in this post and this one. That kid Umar was the first one kakak tuh jaga aka rival Mika aka kawan aka suka jealous sama sendiri. Mama dia decide not to join dah. Nasib ada lagi 2 orang, so ada la kawan lagi. So these 3 kids selalu together. Kalau sorang nangis, lagi 2 orang pujuk and vice versa. Kalau Mika sampai nampak kawan dia Imran ni memang dah tak pandang I dah, terus nak main. That day pon I borak with his mom who is also working in Cyberjaya and used to be an MMU staff..and okay la dia (hhmmm, tak tau nak cerita apa..what the heck, dah type. Malas nak delete :P). So tengok la how, thinking of enrolling him to a playschool too but I rasa 3 yrs old nanti kot. Cerita maid, nanti I cerita in another entry.

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