Sunday, October 3, 2010

last post for the weekend, dull one but totally enjoyed it

Am currently watching The Day the Earth Stood Still @C433 and Mr Keanu is in it. Kalau la alien handsome macam dia, tak takut langsung kalau terjumpa alien. Lagi nak jumpa ada lah. Ok that's not the story actually. Sambungan from previous entry, after lunch and lepak-lepak kejap tadi, we have decided to bring Mika along then lepas tuh balik PH terus. Plus dah late noon and it is Sunday, not a good day and time nak pergi dating for me la plus tak sampai hati nak tinggalkan Mika as he was all excited and ready to go out. I pon ingat nak balik rumah cepat, so I can prepare stuff for tomorrow. Tak suka rush.

First plan nak pergi Pyramid and dah masuk parking pon but what do you expect kan on Sunday..sure la pack. We thought nak bagi Mika naik that car-trolley like he did last Wednesday (RM3/hr tak silap) but the thought of orang ramai, jalan pon tak best dan benda tu for sure u kena naik lif if nak pergi other headache..terus we all keluar and headed to Empire. Amazingly parking sangat senang there. Just pusing-pusing and window shopping. Went to DP and baru je nak tanya hubby about one wrap blouse..dia cakap no need. Grrr..seriously I can't go shopping with him around. Basically window shopping semata-mata and we did checked out that World's Tallest Indoor Tube Slide. Fyi, that slide is about 50 metres and 5 storeys high and it costs RM12 per slide tak silap. Macam menarik! You can google for pic and info on this slide. Normally will buy that red velvet cake but not today, still full time keluar tadi. Banyak dah tempat makan here and newly opened shopping stores.

We headed home straight away and brought Mika to the park. By 7pm, Mika dah siap mandi and half and hour later dah tido. Kepenatan la tuh coz he only slept bout 1 hr je today. To end this weekend post, I letak clip Mika this morning. Layan dia about that sandal bought by Tok Bah and saja je la melayan dia :)

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