Wednesday, October 20, 2010

allocation hate relationship

Pening! Bukan pening sebab sakit but with this montly allocation. Normally it doesn't sux that much to give people work (still tak biasa nak bagi orang kerja sebab rasa macam jahat semacam nak suruh orang buat itu dan ini)..hehe but this time it sux..big time. Satu sebab, tak cukup resource..dan sebab kedua tak cukup resource gaks coz resource busy with books. Aussie book program memang lain sangat with Asia. For Asia, you buat book or not still kena work on updates. Maybe akan dapat smaller updates but still memang ada la update and from my prev experience, tak pernah la small update, bertambah ada la. Kesian gaks PE for Asia but I am not complaining here..we learnt through the hard way which is really a good experience I think. Owh, how I miss my Asia friends :( So now I kena adjust mind set not to think like an Asian but as an Australian, switching it now.

I need to settle this asap. I don't mind to help out just that I takut tak boleh nak cope coz I will be busy with other stuffs too. Hmmm..pening. Tapi December macam free...just the books je ongoing. Ok, later. Going out for lunch dah.

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