Saturday, October 23, 2010

211010 - office

I did not take leave on my birthday reason because it falls on a weekday and also I got tonnes of work to do. Tapi dah cuti last Monday and pre-celebrate it with hubby, so okay la. Sampai² office my ex-team mate Siti siap bangun from her seat and gave me a birthday hug. Few others wished too..I'm so touched :) Birthday or not, sama je like ordinary days cuma one year older je. Tapi bak kata my ex-housemate Zarina "last 20-an dalam ic je, in reality baru nak masuk 25" heheh..funny la zarina ni and I will always remember her that way..thanks babe.

Lunch buddies Wana and Ros sungguh baik hati belanja I lunch. Thanks girls, isshh..susah² je. I even received birthday gift from Wana..dia bagi I set of albums, cam tahu² je I tak print² gambar kan..thanks Wana :)

birthday girl is 29 today!
ros and wana, thanks!
that's my lunch

Then I got a surprise birthday cake + song + card + present from the team. Although most of the team members were on leave, they still did something for me and appreciate it girls, thanks! My team tak ramai guy..2 out of 10. So memang girls rule a way senang sebab we think alike ;) The card was signed by my ex-team mates and also my current team mates. Touching..although I do feel a bit odd to celebrate it in another team after 4 years being in Asia team. Thanks everyone!

thank you girls!

Thank you everyone for the wishes! Love you all so much ;)

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