Thursday, October 28, 2010

thanks but no thanks

Appreciate your effort to entertain me (honestly I did not ask for it) but it’s too much. I’m suffocating now and begging you to PLEASE give me a space to breathe. Go figure ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my sunday

On Sunday, ada wedding invitation from hubby's friend. Ingat nak bawak Mika but my mom cakap dia boleh jaga plus panas nak bawak dia Mika duduk with his Tok Mi and Uncle Joi. Senang gaks nak makan nanti ;) We went to Subang around 11 but before that singgah Giant to get some stuffs.

makan pringles tak berhenti, satu-satu masuk dalam mulut
tak habis lagi pon dah mintak, both hands holding pringles
nak jugak bawak his balloons

Hubby drop us kat rumah and sementara tunggu I siap, dia jumpa his friends. The best part is most of his friends are from Subang, so kalau lepak2 pon will be around this area. Senang la, dia lepak I boleh balik rumah my mom.

on the way to the wedding
wedding was held at Seksyen 11, Shah Alam
kain from hantaran engagement..baru dapat buat baju, lama btol!
saja nak tunjuk color baju kat tempat cerah
color cam orange2

Balik from the wedding, sempat la survey something and on the way balik PH, hubby telah test drive something too. I fall in love with that car instantly. He's planning to get a car next year but still tengah decide on which car. Main target is to find car yang save minyak (kereta yang berat dan besar mungkin tak akan dilayan). Car yang test drive tadi so so la but features gile! I cam suka sangat. Tapi tak tahu la..since the car yang akan beli ni nanti will be 2nd car later (to replace my current car) so maybe nak cari yang serve the purpose je dulu. Dream car maybe kena push aside :(:( Hmmm..we'll see how. I leave that for hubby to decide as he always has the right taste on something. We may end up buying yang biasa² je to serve the purpose which is save minyak and duit :D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

birthday dinner with family

Normal routine kalau birthday my family mesti akan celebrate sikit. It has been that way since forever even tak birthday pon, we will go out every Saturday for dinner or anything la, together. Now I am married, we at least try to go out fortnightly..time ni best coz dapat chance makan tempat best-best :)

So last Saturday, pergi la dinner with them. I suggest Ole-ole Bali at Empire but on the way tuh my sis cakap don't go there coz parking macam pack. Turned out ada jazz festival ke apa ntah and food selection at Ole-ole Bali can only order set je, no ala-carte. Detour to Victoria Station, PJ. First time sejak sekian lama nya Mika tido time makan. Dia langsung tak sedar. Pakai smart-smart tapi tido..apa la..but it's okay. I got to eat peacefully and at my own pace and dapat borak-borak lagi. Kalau tak terkejar-kejar. Tapi, kalau Mika awake lagi best kot..kecoh sikit :D That night tak pack but service was a bit slow nevertheless the food is marvellous.

kena flash pon lena tido, penat sangat la tuh
awat my sister ni..huhuh
grilled lamb cutlets, sedap!
i makan lamb if grill je, masak gulai NO-NO

tido..dengan socks dia
kaki dah tak muat, terlebih panjang for stroller
nampak tak bag i besar semacam? dalam tuh ada bekal nasi goreng mika, 2 water bottle and botol susu
i jenis malas nak carry², so selagi boleh masuk dalam bag i masukkan jer

I love you all so much!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


on the way to dinner to celebrate my birthday with my family tapi mika dah tidur. satu hari ni dia tak tidur, lelap 15 min je td time nak gi BM. then leka main la. hopefully dia lena terus tapi macam tak best laks. jangan ngamuk dah. later

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'kolam' - unbelievable!

Last Friday my company ada buat Deepowraya activity in conjuction with recent Raya and coming Deepavali. Ada this 'kolam' competition among teams and my team..let just say we did it at the very last minute. As mentioned, most of my team members were on leave that day so ada berapa orang je la nak tolong buat this thing. The design pon we all figure up the day before and on Friday itself baru la nak finalise. Just that we tried to find something unique for the design and it does not relate to just Deepavali or Raya concept..more to 1 Malaysia :) so much of 1 Malaysia eh? We got our national flower on the drawing and the elements inside there were a mixed of this and that.

the raw material
 we have to import HR staffs (the one in black and the one in pink tudung) to help us do this

 'kolam' from other teams..hebat kan the rest
my team punya last pic..simple kan?


we WON that competition! time they all announce 3rd and 2nd place, I siap cakap kat my friend to share their prize with us sebab I know my team macam takde harapan nak menang compare to other teams. Luck was on our side I guess. So unbelievable and even masa nak amik prize tuh pon cam btol ke my team menang ni..team² lain yang buat hebat² lagi la..macam tak percaya je we all menang. Our reaction memang terkejut sangat REALLY?? Sampai GM tunjuk team yang buat 'kolam' ni is the winner. Of course la bila we all menang ni, semua team macam tak puas hati. Yer la, most of them macam all out, siap bawak extra prop lagi. Well, I must thank one of my team mates who presented really well. We had that 'think out of the box' design and we achieved the objective of this activity and guess we deserve it. Should thank the HR girls too for helping out. What a Friday!

with the 1st prize and our 'kolam'

211010 - home

Since it's Thursday and I do not feel like going anywhere to celebrate, hubby and me took Mika to the park and tengok dia main happy², automatically I pon happy. Quiet birthday with the loved ones, that's all I need. Still berbaju kurung, I terus bawak dia pergi park..malas nak tukar. See, patut one year older menjadi rajin..sama je tahap kemalasan dia tuh. Fair la kan..celebrate it at office and also with family :)

mika in the background, lepas amik ni dia sibuk nak pose gaks
tuh la kerja dia, bukannye nak naik sangat pon..sibuk nak tolak
mika kena paksa kiss..muka tak rela
aiks..apasal camni? huhuhu
ada pulak this clip, letak je la

211010 - office

I did not take leave on my birthday reason because it falls on a weekday and also I got tonnes of work to do. Tapi dah cuti last Monday and pre-celebrate it with hubby, so okay la. Sampai² office my ex-team mate Siti siap bangun from her seat and gave me a birthday hug. Few others wished too..I'm so touched :) Birthday or not, sama je like ordinary days cuma one year older je. Tapi bak kata my ex-housemate Zarina "last 20-an dalam ic je, in reality baru nak masuk 25" heheh..funny la zarina ni and I will always remember her that way..thanks babe.

Lunch buddies Wana and Ros sungguh baik hati belanja I lunch. Thanks girls, isshh..susah² je. I even received birthday gift from Wana..dia bagi I set of albums, cam tahu² je I tak print² gambar kan..thanks Wana :)

birthday girl is 29 today!
ros and wana, thanks!
that's my lunch

Then I got a surprise birthday cake + song + card + present from the team. Although most of the team members were on leave, they still did something for me and appreciate it girls, thanks! My team tak ramai guy..2 out of 10. So memang girls rule a way senang sebab we think alike ;) The card was signed by my ex-team mates and also my current team mates. Touching..although I do feel a bit odd to celebrate it in another team after 4 years being in Asia team. Thanks everyone!

thank you girls!

Thank you everyone for the wishes! Love you all so much ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

disturbing movie

am now watching orphan. psycho sgt gurl dalam movie ni. whats wrong with her?? yikes. hubby dah tido but i still mintak dia teman coz i dont want to be alone. cepatla habis. semalam ada movie final destination 4, another disturbing movie. tapi somehow i suka pulak tengok. ok nak sambung tgk, nite!

tengok pon dah tahu psycho
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29 tahun

Someone turns 29 today and that someone is ME :) Alhamdulillah. Called my mom this morning to thank her for delivering me 29 yrs ago. If not because of her, sure I takde kat sini. Also thanks to my family and friends yang wish me thru SMS, emails, FB and face-to-face. I love you all so much! My birthday is just like any ordinary day coz am working today. I shall enjoy my last year in the 20s kan. Have a good day everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

allocation hate relationship

Pening! Bukan pening sebab sakit but with this montly allocation. Normally it doesn't sux that much to give people work (still tak biasa nak bagi orang kerja sebab rasa macam jahat semacam nak suruh orang buat itu dan ini)..hehe but this time it sux..big time. Satu sebab, tak cukup resource..dan sebab kedua tak cukup resource gaks coz resource busy with books. Aussie book program memang lain sangat with Asia. For Asia, you buat book or not still kena work on updates. Maybe akan dapat smaller updates but still memang ada la update and from my prev experience, tak pernah la small update, bertambah ada la. Kesian gaks PE for Asia but I am not complaining here..we learnt through the hard way which is really a good experience I think. Owh, how I miss my Asia friends :( So now I kena adjust mind set not to think like an Asian but as an Australian, switching it now.

I need to settle this asap. I don't mind to help out just that I takut tak boleh nak cope coz I will be busy with other stuffs too. Hmmm..pening. Tapi December macam free...just the books je ongoing. Ok, later. Going out for lunch dah.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sharing is caring

everytime tengok the biggest loser sure lapar which is not good at all. bukan nak insaf ke apa, ishh. after work tadi we had an early dinner or shall i call it tea sbb baru pukul 5 at saba ala that arab restaurant yg quite famous kat cyber. i berjaya suruh hubby dload this app to his phne for blogging purpose. ala his phne mine jugak kan and also mika's. at least i can do a lot more kalau bosan. ok gtg n pack mika's clothes. esok dia ada bday party at his nursery and theme is red&pink, boys red of course :p

my turn now mummy

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killing the time

Waiting for hubby to fetch me, not really fetch..carpooling sebab dia ada training this week. Rasa nak pergi makan terus, feel like having maggi goreng ayam with telur mata..yummy. So far paling sedap kat this mamak dekat Paramount Garden, PJ. Jauh! Banyak meetings today but kejap² je, thank God. I don't really like Tuesday sebab time lunch je sure ada meeting. I macam free eh tulis banyak² today. Actually the 2 prev posts were scheduled last night.

On unrelated note, my mom is taking her mom for a short holiday trip to Langkawi. 3D2N stay and bawak my cousin sekali aka Tok Mak's assistant. Pergi semalam, balik esok. I kirim cultery set sebab I ingat dulu² pergi Langkawi mesti borong sudu, pinggan mangkuk cultery set sudah cukup for me.

Ok peeps, leaving for the day. 'Driver' dah call. See you.

bubble it away

Ada pros and cons if rumah dekat dengan park ni. My house macam 4th from park. Pros memang banyak la kan, boleh lepak² and the kids happy la if dapat main kat sini also in the future kot² Mika nak main bola, badminton senang la. Other than that kalau family members datang dan rasa nak tukar angin picnic kat park ke boleh gak..cerita pasal cons, one if it Mika sekarang pandai dah ajak we all naik bicycle and pergi park. Usually dia buat perangai when his daddy is around la. Siap tarik² tangan sebab nak main kat sini. If driving towards home, sure lalu park so if dia ternampak and teringat nak lagi daddy is at home, memang kena bawak dia. If bawak dia pusing² naik bicycle for sure dia akan direct to this place, if ikut jalan lain mula la bising. Sometimes tuh terlebih horror sebab dia pandai nangis mengamuk² just because he wanted to go to the park. Sigh..memang kena banyak play tricks to distract him and his daddy..well..let's just say daddy dia too nice and lurus :D mommy dia selalu pandai trick dia..LOL ;)

Whatever it is, we will try to bring him out as often as we could. Boleh gaks cuci mata and exercise light². Light for me la yang malas ni.

daddy ke mika yang excited lebih ni with the bubbles
i love bubbles sebenarnya. time kecik dulu suka main ni sampai buat sendiri sabun tuh
mika dapat new trick, naik slide dari bawah. i yang sibuk jerit takut dia terjatuh ke apa. boys will be boys eh?

cantik tak? :D

I mentioned that day that I wanted to do some shopping last weekend but I did not get the chance to. The weather was like freaking hot, so I decided to stay indoor. Saturday I keluar kejap to trim and treat my hair. Itu pon 2nd plan after I politely declined my sister's invite to go to Sg Wang. Wah, fikir balik KL on Saturday, MALAS nye. Turned out dia pon malas :) Whatever it is, thank you dut nak teman shopping.

My sis fetched me from my house that morning and had breakfast at Subang. Mika ada cough so I had to feed him medicine and right after he swallowed it, he vomitted banyak betul. Tapi dia tak nangis pon instead he told us that he's done with the vomitting, clever boy. My mom baik sangat tolong bersihkan all the mess and I mandikan Mika. Mintak tolong my sis to drop me at my fav saloon and I was done in 2 hours..shortest period ever. Normally pergi saloon tak sah kalau tak 3-4 jam. Had a good time chatting with the hairdressers there, dah 4 yrs kot I let them do my hair.

Slept at Subang that night and sempat la I layan drama kat tv3 malam tuh. Not bad at all tapi halfway I ngantuk sangat so tertido. Then Sunday brought Mika jalan-jalan to Empire and back to PH. Panas sangat la weather, rasa nak turn on the air-cond 24 hrs and duduk diam-diam je.

Monday I cuti and ajak hubby pergi shopping. Well, no one else is available kan, so hubby pon jadi lar. Shopping with guy mesti nak cepat je kan..but this time, hubby selamat temankan I for 4 hours and on top of that I dapat some stuffs from him ;) Terima kasih!

 this is not the shoe i wanted but i do need a good and comfy shoe so hubby pilihkan this one and
he asked me to take red color, katanya outstanding sikit..baik boss!
super skinny! 
time memula ambil tuh i macam muat ke ni, kecik semacam je
tapi muat la pulak. there's one more cantik and sedang muat tapi tak sampai hati coz mahal. i settle for this one je

For office attire, I managed to get one pair of pants and skirt je. Dah amik this long sleeve shirt but hubby blurted out something like..common, tak cantik..terus I pon malas nak amik dah. You see, if shopping with hubby sometimes can be pretty annoying sebab dia nak cepat je but I admit, he does has quite a good taste and money which I totally salute ;)

For my real birthday present, I still tak decide what I really want. Like REALLY. He did gave few suggestions but my response macam OK je, takde la terlompat happy ke apa. My main interest now is rumah kot, anything that buat rumah cantik..I'm in. So tengok la how nanti. Anyway, I'm still 1not done with that shopping yet, still got few items on my list. Will continue another time :)