Sunday, September 26, 2010

saturday..i like!

There's nothing more exciting than having to spend the day with your girlfriends. Forget this (for a while), this one is way better! Met the girls at Erin's. Ada bbq and also to celebrate Erin's bday. Happy birthday Erin!! Sebab Erin's house and mine like so near..I waited for the others to arrive first then only I gerak. Reached there around 4.30pm and makan terus. Ada lamb, chicken, sausage, butter rice, potato salad and kenyang! At first hujan lebat but luckily bila dah petang tuh cam reda dah.

Sebab gossip tak puas, I ajak the girls datang rumah. Dah dekat sangat kan. Ereen and me gerak dulu. Anak bujang saya demanded for cake so sempat la we all singgah SR to buy his cake. Then half an hour later, Faz and Eisha arrived. We gossip and gossip and exchange stories and I really enjoyed the moment. I suka je they all datang rumah but too bad, I tak prepare anything pon. Nasib they all dah makan at Erin's. Girls, next time kita masak korang datang tau. Wah masak..they know I hate cooking also coz I'm not good at it but for them, I will try and do it :)

Mike enjoyed all the attention and dia happy sangat sebab ramai aunty2 and uncle layan dia. They left around 8.30pm kot.

at Erin's
birthday girl cutting the cake

umi ereen single that day. kalau tak ada kawan la Mika
mika likes his aunty eisha
model sunquick..LOL
gossip gossip gaks, kerja pon buat gaks
multi-tasking mode, the beauty of being a woman ;)
my beautiful girls

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