Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not an ordinary morning

Morning. Pagi tadi tengah best tido, power cut-off pulak. Nasib tak lama bout 5 mins but pelik sebab dah 2 malam and the whole neighbourhood was affected. Like what’s wrong huh? Last time my neighbour’s house (opposite) almost kena pecah masuk and time tuh pon power failure and they were sleeping upstairs. Takut! Although my house is in a gated community tapi still with all these weird cases popped up recently macam susah je nak trust anyone. Thank God when it happened hubby was around. If he is on night shift? Damn..I don’t even want to think about it. Terus rasa nak install alarm system? Hmmm..

On a brighter note, Mika behaved well this morning. I bekalkan Ernie with him and asked him to introduce Ernie to his friends. For the past 2 days pon dia ok, main with the rest, makan and all. Alhamdulillah. Tak susah hati mommy kat office. Since bulan raya ni, I bagi duit raya to the kids aka Mika’s friends, bukan excited lagi masing². Then masa kakak tuh nak simpan siap nangis², they all ni kecik² dah paham eh feeling happy dapat duit. Suka tengok kids bila dapat duit raya.

Guess who did I see on the way to work this morning? Makcik nasi lemak!! Dah lama tau dia takde. Like 2 or 3 weeks before Raya dah takde then puasa time memang takde la kan, after Raya pon takde..pagi ni baru nampak. Tapi I takde la stop, I wave jer sebab punya la happy. So far nasi lemak dia paling sedap kat area my house. Last time I ada belanja my ex-team mates and they all pon love it. I plan to get some for my new team mates nanti and mesti ingat to get her contact number in case she MIA lagi. Stalker habis.

Okay la, I better get back to work. Have tons to do today with reports and all. Later :)

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