Thursday, September 9, 2010

in case this is my last post before raya..

It's 1AM now and I baru siap iron baju and pack Mika's bag. Mine and hubby not yet. I start cuti yesterday sebab babysitter Mika dah cuti so I had no choice la basically. My mom dah balik to her hometown and at first I thought hubby tak cuti but turned out he had applied leave for these 2 days this week. Lama tau dia cuti..from Monday till Thursday next week!

Yesterday we had Iftar at Tony's Roma together with hubby's friends and of course la last days macam ni parking sure padat. We ended up park kat roof top, tak pernah2 sampai situ. Mika as always memang tak keruan lar, jalan sana jalan sini. Sebab hubby punya friends, I bagi chance la dia borak-borak with his friends while I took care of Mika but tak larat..mampu bertahan beberapa minit je then I ajak balik. Also sebab I tak sihat semalam, sempat la pergi clinic on the way back.

I will be on leave till Sept 16th dan dengan baik hatinya nak datang office on the 17th. Patut cuti je la terus kan but it's okay. I nak catch up on stuffs before I betul-betul kerja on the Monday. Sure office tak ramai orang, best gaks kot :) Okay la, last day of Ramadhan today. I nak sahur sekarang then off to sleep.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone..

Have a good raya and be safe!

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