Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fickle minded..who?

Pulang dengan perasaan yang hampa..ermm..not really. I still have not make up my mind yet. The question is, do I really need one now? If yes, which feature yang I really nak..again am so fickle minded. Macam lalang pon yer jugak. Also I takde rasa excited pon. If you ask me what I really need right now is..I need a WARDROBE! Or barang-barang rumah. I nak decorate Mika's room and also nak buat blind for all the windows upstairs. I nak buat our room as comfortable yang boleh and also nak beli new tv..Ha..kalau cakap pasal rumah I suka. Eh tapi kena save duit now..maybe after November can. What's in November eh? Will let you know nanti lar :)

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