Monday, September 20, 2010

back to work, seriously

Happy Monday everyone! Happy? Monday blues? Still in holiday mood? For me, all of the above.
I dah start kerja last Friday with reason nak get ready for Monday so come Monday takde la culture shock sangat after being away for 8 days (tapi I check je email from home! patut tak perlu masuk office). So far so good, let’s hope it stays this way till the end of the week.

On Malaysia day last Thursday, pagi we all sempat ke BM coz hubby nak picked up some stuffs then balik from BM, I clean up rumah, did laundry. Mika pon join sama, sibuk ikut I kemas. Tapi dia takut bila dengar bunyi vacuum. Dia panggil “mommy, mommy” bila I on vacuum tuh. Selama cuti lama tuh, Thursday baru la nak kemas rumah. Dah la Friday kerja, nasib lepas tu cuti balik. Erin invited us over to her house. It was kinda last minute coz dah petang but sebab rumah dia dekat and we got no plan that evening so to Erin's house we went. Sayang her message came in few minutes late coz we all dah order dominos for our late lunch. Pergi rumah Erin pon just borak2 and nak tengok her house sebab still full. Her house got a nice view sebab belakang rumah ada small park and no houses in front of her house. Privacy and senang orang datang nak parking. Mika pulak the whole day tak tido, so by petang tuh cam dah start nak show his tantrum. Tak jumpa pon the rest as Faz sampai after I left and the rest could not make it.

Friday I dah start kerja and sent Mika to Subang. Dah la hujan lebat that morning, pergi kerja pulak tuh. Dari PH to Subang then Subang to Cyber. Pusing² lagi..letih. Lunch pon I tak keluar coz I tahpau food from Subang for breakfast and also ada leftover pizza semalam for lunch. The only thing that kept me sane was the thought of the day is already Friday and I am going home at 5pm.

I wanted to update more during weekend but then sangat busy. Saturday morning went to Summit alone. Why Summit? Sebab nak pergi this baby store to purchase Mika’s stuffs. Hubby kerja last weekend and as usual la, I will be at Subang. Sementara tunggu store to open, I spent like 1 hour at this shop pilih alas kaki?! Dah la beli 3 je and it took me some time to decide to buy which one. Fickle minded..Libran pfft. Tuh la jadi nya kalau shop alone, ambil masa. TAPI.. I must say that I did a good buy, hubby must be so proud sebab tak membazir and also sebab I pergi sorang². 2 alas kaki for bathrooms ada discount 50% each..from rm30 each dapat rm30 for both and another one for the kitchen I got it for rm15. Big size and not that typical alas kaki, good quality. Manage to grab 2 pair of jersey shorts for Mika, Italia and Espana then to the baby shop and bought new milk and drinking bottle. In the evening, my sister ajak teman gi flea market coz she wanted to change this shirt she bought for Mika and pergi la kejap and dalam kejap² tuh pon, I managed to buy one jersey shirt (Espana) to match with that jersey short I bought earlier. Later on that evening, relatives datang.

Sunday pulak busy entertaining Mika (that’s my life la kan other than merapu² kat sini :P). My parents got wedding to attend to in the afternoon and only returned at 4pm sebab pergi open house one of their friends. Around 6, we went to our relatives house nearby my place then I balik rumah terus. My parents together with my brother escorted me home, things that family do. Hubby already at home by the time I sampai and that basically how my weekend goes. My entry dah jadi kelam kabut sebab I simply tulis ikut mood.

Raya entry pon tak buat lagi..maybe I tak buat kot sebab dah upload pics at FB. So if nak tengok raya pics, please check them out here!

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