Thursday, September 30, 2010

mimpi adalah mainan tidur, nak mimpi lagi la camni

Good morning peeps. I had this strange dream last night. I dreamt of Wayne Rooney (WR) tapi version kacak dan comel, totally the opposite. Huhuhuh..he was my friend at first and I pon sibuk la tanya bout other footballers ie CR..dia pon dok la explain CR tuh main camne and all but I macam terpikat habis kat WR ni, tak kisah langsung when he mentioned CR (in reality, I love CR). Also he mentioned bout Owen's goal (ok ni pelik, sebab I tak tahu pon Owen ada score in recent match so I confirmed this with hubby, memang Owen ada score goal!)To make long story short, he (WR) got feelings for me too. Auwww..(what the heck! what happen to his wife Colleen? LOL) Then tetiba ada la this friend of mine yang memang exist in this reality world dok cakap, eh you tak nak ke kenalkan dia dengan Islam? I tak push but kebetulan mamat ni dah suka habis kat I (perasan dalam mimpi adalah dibenarkan yer) I pon try la nak intro dia sikit² about my religion and all. Boleh tak WR ni macam nak kahwin dengan I and he said he is interested in learning this new religion. Ok both me and him dah jatuh cinta gila² aka crazy in love so my friend and I nak bawak dia gi tengok surau/masjid nearby just to intro him a bit tapi hasrat tak kesampaian..I don't know how but he passed away! Begitu sahaja..dan I pon terjaga dari tido bila anak bujang I woke me up to find his daddy (daddy slept kat sofa coz tengok match pagi tadi)..banngun je terus excited cerita kat hubby and paling tak boleh terima about Owen tuh la..tak tau pulak dalam mimpi ada kalanya fact dia betul..hubby as usual reply "Ewwww..WR??" What a dream la kan..

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fickle minded..who?

Pulang dengan perasaan yang hampa..ermm..not really. I still have not make up my mind yet. The question is, do I really need one now? If yes, which feature yang I really nak..again am so fickle minded. Macam lalang pon yer jugak. Also I takde rasa excited pon. If you ask me what I really need right now is..I need a WARDROBE! Or barang-barang rumah. I nak decorate Mika's room and also nak buat blind for all the windows upstairs. I nak buat our room as comfortable yang boleh and also nak beli new tv..Ha..kalau cakap pasal rumah I suka. Eh tapi kena save duit now..maybe after November can. What's in November eh? Will let you know nanti lar :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

sunday morning

Sunday morning did nothing. I nak lipat baju but my son sibuk je nak kacau. Hubby sibuk amik measurement for wardrobe. Sebab boring maka terhasil la pic dan clip di bawah.

Lunch time we went to Subang sebab my parents invited their close friends and neighbours for small makan-makan. Nasib time we all sampai dah ramai balik coz open house started at 10am. My mom order food je, senang. Ada nasi lemak sambal sotong, nasi impit, kuah kacang, rendang, karipap, jelly dan roti jala. I ate like no tomorrow. Makan makan makan. Elok pulak tuh lepas makan hujan. Hubby and Mika dah off to lala land tapi I takde la tido, memang jarang la tido petang unless penat sangat. So I lepak with my brother tengok tv and not long after that ada 2 families came, among the last ones.

Mika bangun tido je bad mood plus rumah dipenuhi with my sister's friends, so dia tantrum la. Buat apa pon semua tak okay. Plus dah pukul 5, so ajak hubby balik. Tahpau food and dalam sore throat tuh, I lalu je makan semua.

This clip below I suruh Mika nyanyi lagu Nenek Si Bongkok Tiga. Iyer, Mika sungguh melayu. Dia suka lagu2 macam ni. Huhuhu..takpe la. Enjoy!

Ni la gaya Mika smile, mata mesti tutup
serious face pulak
mika oh mika
excuse background sepah-sepah tuh

Sunday, September 26, 2010

saturday..i like!

There's nothing more exciting than having to spend the day with your girlfriends. Forget this (for a while), this one is way better! Met the girls at Erin's. Ada bbq and also to celebrate Erin's bday. Happy birthday Erin!! Sebab Erin's house and mine like so near..I waited for the others to arrive first then only I gerak. Reached there around 4.30pm and makan terus. Ada lamb, chicken, sausage, butter rice, potato salad and kenyang! At first hujan lebat but luckily bila dah petang tuh cam reda dah.

Sebab gossip tak puas, I ajak the girls datang rumah. Dah dekat sangat kan. Ereen and me gerak dulu. Anak bujang saya demanded for cake so sempat la we all singgah SR to buy his cake. Then half an hour later, Faz and Eisha arrived. We gossip and gossip and exchange stories and I really enjoyed the moment. I suka je they all datang rumah but too bad, I tak prepare anything pon. Nasib they all dah makan at Erin's. Girls, next time kita masak korang datang tau. Wah masak..they know I hate cooking also coz I'm not good at it but for them, I will try and do it :)

Mike enjoyed all the attention and dia happy sangat sebab ramai aunty2 and uncle layan dia. They left around 8.30pm kot.

at Erin's
birthday girl cutting the cake

umi ereen single that day. kalau tak ada kawan la Mika
mika likes his aunty eisha
model sunquick..LOL
gossip gossip gaks, kerja pon buat gaks
multi-tasking mode, the beauty of being a woman ;)
my beautiful girls

Thursday, September 23, 2010

our kids

These clips were taken time buka puasa with the girls that day. Sebab the kids (Mika and Thaqif) dah restless, we brought them outside and apa lagi, happy habis la mereka berdua ni. Ereen and me together with hubby and also Ereen's lil sister siap berkejaran kat sini. Imagine, baru lepas makan..dengan perut penuh pastu kejar-kejar..nevertheless, we enjoyed it very much. Enjoy the clips. Adorable sungguh.




I just got this green light for hubby to buy something but how come I am not that excited at all..hmhmhm..The thing is I do not really know which one is the best and anything would do as long as it serves the purpose. Currently there are two in my list and both are the top ones in the market. It is not easy to get hubby's green light & to sponsor and while he is at you think I should make full use of it? Let's just wait and see if I manage to get anything this weekend ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not an ordinary morning

Morning. Pagi tadi tengah best tido, power cut-off pulak. Nasib tak lama bout 5 mins but pelik sebab dah 2 malam and the whole neighbourhood was affected. Like what’s wrong huh? Last time my neighbour’s house (opposite) almost kena pecah masuk and time tuh pon power failure and they were sleeping upstairs. Takut! Although my house is in a gated community tapi still with all these weird cases popped up recently macam susah je nak trust anyone. Thank God when it happened hubby was around. If he is on night shift? Damn..I don’t even want to think about it. Terus rasa nak install alarm system? Hmmm..

On a brighter note, Mika behaved well this morning. I bekalkan Ernie with him and asked him to introduce Ernie to his friends. For the past 2 days pon dia ok, main with the rest, makan and all. Alhamdulillah. Tak susah hati mommy kat office. Since bulan raya ni, I bagi duit raya to the kids aka Mika’s friends, bukan excited lagi masing². Then masa kakak tuh nak simpan siap nangis², they all ni kecik² dah paham eh feeling happy dapat duit. Suka tengok kids bila dapat duit raya.

Guess who did I see on the way to work this morning? Makcik nasi lemak!! Dah lama tau dia takde. Like 2 or 3 weeks before Raya dah takde then puasa time memang takde la kan, after Raya pon takde..pagi ni baru nampak. Tapi I takde la stop, I wave jer sebab punya la happy. So far nasi lemak dia paling sedap kat area my house. Last time I ada belanja my ex-team mates and they all pon love it. I plan to get some for my new team mates nanti and mesti ingat to get her contact number in case she MIA lagi. Stalker habis.

Okay la, I better get back to work. Have tons to do today with reports and all. Later :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tricycle and sandal for Mika tapi...

Last Friday kan I hantar Mika to Subang, my parents bawak dia pergi Carrefour that morning. Dah la I lupa nak tinggalkan his sandal so berkaki ayam la Mika ke Carrefour. Budak ni pulak bukan nak duduk diam, so dia nak turun dari trolley dan lari sana sini. Dengan tak pakai kasutnya..anak² orang lain elok je berkasut. My mom asked my dad pilihkan sandal while she went to grab other stuffs, sempat jugakla belikan tricycle for Mika. Wah, dapat basikal eh kamu..tapi yang kelakarnya..both sandal ngan tricycle tuh cam girl punya. That’s what happen when Tok Bah bershopping. Orang lelaki shopping nak cepat je kan, so pakai amik je la tuh. That day masa my dad pergi India pon dia ada belikan Mika baju and ada 1 baju tuh cam color purple memang girl punya ke dad I ni teringin cucu perempuan? Hahaha..kelakar la :) But apa² pon, thank you Tok Bah!

Monday, September 20, 2010

laundry at own home the best

Sebab update ikut suka hati, nak cerita we all buat apa on raya ke-4. Orang lain masih beraya, jumpa relatives and all..I mean not everyone but almost all while hubby, Mika and me went to OU with a mission to find sandal raya Mika. Dah beli dah sebenarnya before puasa pastu tak perasan terkecik la pulak. Rugi je dah la mahal. Mika ada la dah pakai sandal tuh ke rumah bbsitter but dia jalan cam nak jatuh sebab kaki ke depan sangat. Camne nak describe eh..Imagine bila kita pakai kasut yang depan dia ada tapak pastu pakai sampai depan..camtuh la cam nak terjatuh. So shop hopping from one shop to one shop from new wing to old wing and last we settled with this one sandal kat Treehouse. Not bad la the collections there. Pasni cari situ je. The first sandal we bought jauh kat The Gardens, sungguh tak berbaloi

Believe it or not 1 tahun lebih pindah we all takde washing machine! Everytime nak basuh baju either send to dobi or bring back to Subang. Balik Subang buat laundry dari satu bag terus cam jadi 3 bag bila balik sini balik. Kesian kan?? Dulu reason takde washing machine sebab takde tempat nak letak then after extend belakang pon tak beli² lagi sampai la last Monday. We went to this electrical shop located at hubby's old house. According to him, price there cheaper. Well, he is right. We got our 42 inch tv from this shop too. 3 items we bought that day. Washing machine, vacuum cleaner and also iron. Yeay, puas hati dapat basuh baju dan hang kat rumah sendiri! Next project, wardrobe.

back to work, seriously

Happy Monday everyone! Happy? Monday blues? Still in holiday mood? For me, all of the above.
I dah start kerja last Friday with reason nak get ready for Monday so come Monday takde la culture shock sangat after being away for 8 days (tapi I check je email from home! patut tak perlu masuk office). So far so good, let’s hope it stays this way till the end of the week.

On Malaysia day last Thursday, pagi we all sempat ke BM coz hubby nak picked up some stuffs then balik from BM, I clean up rumah, did laundry. Mika pon join sama, sibuk ikut I kemas. Tapi dia takut bila dengar bunyi vacuum. Dia panggil “mommy, mommy” bila I on vacuum tuh. Selama cuti lama tuh, Thursday baru la nak kemas rumah. Dah la Friday kerja, nasib lepas tu cuti balik. Erin invited us over to her house. It was kinda last minute coz dah petang but sebab rumah dia dekat and we got no plan that evening so to Erin's house we went. Sayang her message came in few minutes late coz we all dah order dominos for our late lunch. Pergi rumah Erin pon just borak2 and nak tengok her house sebab still full. Her house got a nice view sebab belakang rumah ada small park and no houses in front of her house. Privacy and senang orang datang nak parking. Mika pulak the whole day tak tido, so by petang tuh cam dah start nak show his tantrum. Tak jumpa pon the rest as Faz sampai after I left and the rest could not make it.

Friday I dah start kerja and sent Mika to Subang. Dah la hujan lebat that morning, pergi kerja pulak tuh. Dari PH to Subang then Subang to Cyber. Pusing² lagi..letih. Lunch pon I tak keluar coz I tahpau food from Subang for breakfast and also ada leftover pizza semalam for lunch. The only thing that kept me sane was the thought of the day is already Friday and I am going home at 5pm.

I wanted to update more during weekend but then sangat busy. Saturday morning went to Summit alone. Why Summit? Sebab nak pergi this baby store to purchase Mika’s stuffs. Hubby kerja last weekend and as usual la, I will be at Subang. Sementara tunggu store to open, I spent like 1 hour at this shop pilih alas kaki?! Dah la beli 3 je and it took me some time to decide to buy which one. Fickle minded..Libran pfft. Tuh la jadi nya kalau shop alone, ambil masa. TAPI.. I must say that I did a good buy, hubby must be so proud sebab tak membazir and also sebab I pergi sorang². 2 alas kaki for bathrooms ada discount 50% each..from rm30 each dapat rm30 for both and another one for the kitchen I got it for rm15. Big size and not that typical alas kaki, good quality. Manage to grab 2 pair of jersey shorts for Mika, Italia and Espana then to the baby shop and bought new milk and drinking bottle. In the evening, my sister ajak teman gi flea market coz she wanted to change this shirt she bought for Mika and pergi la kejap and dalam kejap² tuh pon, I managed to buy one jersey shirt (Espana) to match with that jersey short I bought earlier. Later on that evening, relatives datang.

Sunday pulak busy entertaining Mika (that’s my life la kan other than merapu² kat sini :P). My parents got wedding to attend to in the afternoon and only returned at 4pm sebab pergi open house one of their friends. Around 6, we went to our relatives house nearby my place then I balik rumah terus. My parents together with my brother escorted me home, things that family do. Hubby already at home by the time I sampai and that basically how my weekend goes. My entry dah jadi kelam kabut sebab I simply tulis ikut mood.

Raya entry pon tak buat lagi..maybe I tak buat kot sebab dah upload pics at FB. So if nak tengok raya pics, please check them out here!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

jalan raya and lunch

I ingat nak post je randomly, whichever day first sebab too many pics and story nak tulis. So mana ingat dulu goes first. Last Wednesday pergi visit makcik yang I panggil dia "Mak" yang tolong jaga kan I masa kecik-kecik dulu. Babysitter la kiranya. I duduk dengan dia since I was 3 months old sampai la 6 tahun. Lama tuh dan memang macam mak jugak la sebab parents kerja memang kena duduk situ. Dulu lagi la kan, Sabtu pon 5.5 hari la I duduk rumah Mak. Tapi best kawan ramai dan juga ada 2 orang anak Mak yang suka layan kitaorang.

Rumah Mak dengan my old house tak jauh, selang 5 buah rumah camtuh. Sometimes bila time nak balik I tak nak balik rumah pon. Kalau kena marah je, I lari pergi rumah Mak. Apa-apa pon cari Mak. Memang tak terbalas jasa dia jaga I ngan my brother masa kecik. Sangat puas hati dapat jumpa dia tahun ni. Last jumpa time I kahwin then sampai Mika dah dekat 2 tahun baru nak jumpa balik. Kebetulan rumah makcik Abah around that area so singgah gaks.

After that ingat nak pergi lunch kat GEM then tukar plan pergi ke Ampang Park but parking full. Bad timing la sebab lunch time..if dapat parking pon sure kena tunggu nak makan kat Cozy Corner/House. Cari-cari tempat makan last² we all decide pergi Empire je. Back to Subang. Senang plus by the time sampai situ pon dah almost 2pm. We had lunch at Madam Kwan's. Balik from lunch, semua kepenatan dan kekenyangan and lepak Subang sampai petang.

Ok, enough with the talk. Let's see some pics.

before keluar rumah, sempat i menyelit
time ni i suruh dia buat bibir aunty zira..well my sis punya style ni :P

keriangan kamu..tangan tak lepas phone
my brother and me dengan Mak and Atok 
(atok tuh her husband tak tau why we all panggil dia Atok)

letih dan lapar dan haus
lupa nak bawak bib dia, pakai tissue paper je
bowl depan my sis tuh hubby punya, my sis memang suka habiskan food orang
in a way bagus lar :D
cheeky boy


Banyak nye pic nak letak and so many things to update dan juga ada sikit malas. Still bercuti lagi and the past few days macam-macam activity ada. Nanti eh, step by step..for now intro dulu :)

Pic was taken today at my parent's house. 

Salam aidilfitri to all, maaf zahir dan batin!

Friday, September 10, 2010

salam aidilfitri

salam aidilfitri live from bkt mahkota :) malam raya and 1st day raya kat side hubby. raya ke-2 and ke-3 baru pergi my side. pagi tadi lepas makan-makan sempat la gaks pergi Giant Nilai..huhuh..saja bawak Mika pusing-pusing (mommy dia pon nak jalan sebenarnya). tak salam-salam raya pon lagi sebab family incomplete. basically quiet raya la this side. sungguh berbeza dengan my side. ok la, nothing much to talk about. later.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

in case this is my last post before raya..

It's 1AM now and I baru siap iron baju and pack Mika's bag. Mine and hubby not yet. I start cuti yesterday sebab babysitter Mika dah cuti so I had no choice la basically. My mom dah balik to her hometown and at first I thought hubby tak cuti but turned out he had applied leave for these 2 days this week. Lama tau dia cuti..from Monday till Thursday next week!

Yesterday we had Iftar at Tony's Roma together with hubby's friends and of course la last days macam ni parking sure padat. We ended up park kat roof top, tak pernah2 sampai situ. Mika as always memang tak keruan lar, jalan sana jalan sini. Sebab hubby punya friends, I bagi chance la dia borak-borak with his friends while I took care of Mika but tak larat..mampu bertahan beberapa minit je then I ajak balik. Also sebab I tak sihat semalam, sempat la pergi clinic on the way back.

I will be on leave till Sept 16th dan dengan baik hatinya nak datang office on the 17th. Patut cuti je la terus kan but it's okay. I nak catch up on stuffs before I betul-betul kerja on the Monday. Sure office tak ramai orang, best gaks kot :) Okay la, last day of Ramadhan today. I nak sahur sekarang then off to sleep.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone..

Have a good raya and be safe!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

steamboat for iftar

Ni last Saturday's story. Iftar with abah's company together with his staffs at nearby steamboat restaurant, apa eh nama dia..Flaming Steamboat tak silap. Tapi satu pic kat kedai makan pon takde sebab keadaan sungguh busy, ramai orang dan pack! Nevertheless the food is marvelous. Everything is so fresh, and I wallop macam banyak jugak la oyster, prawn and crab. Tomyam dia pon not bad, sedap la. Just nasi goreng dia tak berapa. Variety of food to choose from tapi tak best sebab kena rebut-rebut dah la jalan sempit, slack part tuh. Price if tak silap RM20 plus per head, quite cheap with that selection of food! But bukan Abah yang belanja, his partner from next door office yang belanja :)

Dah makan hubby, my brother and I bawak Mika to Abah's office first. Biasalar, mana boleh lama-lama kat bawah. So ni some of the activities in the office. Kebetulan Abah's staff pon ada yang bawak kids, Mika macam hero lar. Dia siap suruh the kids masuk bilik Tok Bah dia.

conteng-conteng session
some of the hampers dapat, kat office punya to be distributed among the staffs
kat rumah pon dapat and I took one
muka garang konon..rambut dia tuh bukan basah kena air but peluh!
mommy nak join gaks
i know marker pen tuh tak elok for kids but bukan lama pon dia conteng pon
 sibuk nak main..kat rumah pon ada toy golf set tuh, habis dia pukul bola-bola masuk bawah meja
mika besar sikit ikut tok bah la main
at my dad's desk. still empty sebab tak fix lagi shelf etc.

The next day Sunday is my dad's birthday. He turned 55 this year..5955 :) Happy birthday Abah! Thank you for everything! Without you I could have nothing..boleh la ada something but totally not something like this house and car. My sister ada buat special dedication for him, so if you would like to read what she wrote, please click here! She writes better than me, tak tipu. I love you Abah. Semoga panjang umur dan di murahkan lagi rezeki so dapat la the children share sekali *amin* :):)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Busy dan malas nak update sebenarnya. These shots were taken on recent public holiday, National Day at my brother's new house. Dia tak duduk sini pon, we were there to do some light clean up and determine which keys belong to which door. Light clean up sebab mana nak bersihkan betul² sebab puasa dan with this kid around, dia pon sibuk nak clean up or in other words, sepahkan balik :D Now dah ada tenants renting and I must say that they got themselves a brand new house. That day agent cakap, dah siap cat feature wall bawah and atas. Sure nak buat open house raya and walaupon sewa je tapi sure tenants tuh happy dapat rumah baru. Contrat is 2 years and in case within that years my brother kahwin, duduk la tempat lain dulu. Apartment I my mom kan ada :D Honeymoon cocoon hehehe, miss that apartment very much!

That day macam busy day pon iye jugak. Pipe kat dapur my mom bocor and air non stop keluar. So had to call the plumber and fix that. Nasib ada plumber kerja sebab public holiday kan. I told my mom no need to cook and we just go and grab something to eat (in my mind nak makan JM Briani :P). Tapi sempat dia masak lepas orang tuh fix. Apa eh dia masak, alamak..I tak ingat tapi complete la masak then ada energy lagi nak pergi rumah my brother kemas². I wonder where she got all that energy from, I yang duduk diam jaga anak je pon dah letih². Ke orang dulu² memang kuat? Rasa mak-mak orang lain pon macam ni, tak leh duduk diam dan ada je benda nak buat? Saya sungguh kepelikan di situ. Okay lar, jom tengok pics.

Friday, September 3, 2010

nak baca ke? merepek jer ni

It's 10:20PM and temankan Mika sleep dengan I tertido sekali. Konon tak nak tido nak baring2 but gagal, tertido dengan jayanya. Dah la baru lepas makan, bagus eh Eeja? If I keep on doing this, naik la balik berat badan. Sheesh..semalam when I weighed myself, I have another 1kg plus to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but I bet mesti tak boleh kurang selagi ada tummy ni! To achieve that sangat impossible coz I tak rajin langsung nak wat sit up dan lepas makan tido..mana la boleh..tapi apa-apa pon, Alhamdulillah..I'm happy with myself now. With a lil bit of effort and discipline, mesti boleh buat..kot? hehehe..InsyaAllah.

Now I kat Subang. Normal routine if hubby kerja weekend and PM shift, Mika and I jadi nomad la, berkampung kat sini. This week sekali je berbuka kat PH. For Ifar today my mom masak ikan masak kicap, ayam kari, sayur kacang panjang goreng dan telur asin also ada leftover sup tulang semalam but bila I dapat ikan masak kicap lain tak pandang dah. Siap tambah 2 kali! See...macam mana ni??! Mika pon boleh tahan, tambah gaks dan dia suap sendiri. Semalam pon Iftar kat sini together with my uncle and my cousins. Well, bila dah ada anak susah nak bergossip panjang lebar macam dulu-dulu and I REALLY miss that but then again, life goes on kan..ada anak, then 2 orang anak, then 3 orang anak..ok cukup kot at least time tua-tua nanti ada la orang nak jagakan kita, I hope so! Ok sangat merepek dah. Activity for tomorrow, if takde apa nak gi Pyramid sat pagi then hantar pants Mika for alteration. Then petang Iftar with Abah's staffs kat his office area. Hubby is working tomorrow night but I do hope he could join us for Iftar. Tengok la macam mana..good night everyone and have a good weekend!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

first entry for the month of september

10 more mins before meeting..baru ingat nak balik on time today. Today iftar kat Subang. Normally I dengan tak malu ajak diri sendiri, semalam umi call tanya nak break-fast tak kat Subang as my uncle and his 3 daughters will be joining us too. I tak la cakap yes straightaway coz macam malas balik kerja nak rushing to Subang then balik PH balik but well, macam la I rajin sangat nak prepare the dishes pon ke Subang it is. Hubby pon tak kisah plus today dia off. Semalam pon hubby ajak pergi Empire and Iftar there and I politely declined. Konon Mika penat nanti padahal I yang tak larat. On the other hand, hubby got me that red velvet cake and makan sambil tutup² mata malam tuh. Nanti nak try other versions pulak. Good news is, my company now observes Malaysia day which falls on the 16th. Yeay! Susah sikit kerja company orang putih ni. I mean memang la ikut Malaysia's public hols tapi ada yang tak observe so Alhamdulillah, dapat la cuti raya lama sikit :) Okay peeps, gtg. Meeting!