Friday, August 6, 2010

weekend is here again

Friday night supposed to be the best night of all nights besides Saturday night la kan but here I am online and alone. Mika dah sleep and hubby is on PM shift this week. Good thing is, he is on half day tomorrow ke full day off and Sunday dia off. Yeay! Original plan for today is to go back Subang after hubby off to work tapi my mom told me last night dia ada dinner pulak kat Sime Darby Convention Centre, last minute invite from her friend. She said I can still balik but not sure who would be around bila I sampai. Faham2 je la Friday night, everybody got their own plans. So the thought of balik Subang and no one is there, baik I stay PH je. At least I could do some laundry or kemas apa yang patut.

Plan for this weekend is to do some shopping. I have some things in the list, we will see if I manage to buy all these stuffs. This entry is my 400th entry, banyak betul membebel dah. Night and have a good weekend everyone!

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